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Fire In Abandoned Building Across The Street


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Really insane, great coverage of a thank god not fatal event. Fourth shot is STELLAR.


About ten years back, some jerkwad set a tree on fire in front of the building I live in, which then set the outside of the building on fire. Four alarm debacle, scary stuff. Melted down the steel doors to the building... I was completely asleep and then there was just this huge fire and all this fire engines. One of my worst nightmares, waking up into a fire... *knock on wood*


Anyway, thank god nobody was hurt.




Wild. I went down to Greenwich Village last year to see a friend of mine, and caught an M8 crosstown. Middle of the route, I hear over the intercom that the bus will be skipping one of the stops (whatever stop it was). Sure enough, the building had partially collapsed next to the bus stop, and they were evacuating everybody...


Thanks, this fire wasn't even big enough to be on the news...:P

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