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Got something on the B3


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I got this bus on the B3 going home from Ulmer Park Depot today. I didn't have my good camera again so I used my old one! The unit numbers I rode were 8049 and 8040.









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Great Catches , I just saw 8049 on the B6 LTD


Thanks, man. The two B/Os I rode with were really cool with the buses. They like it better than the RTS.

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Nice catch!


Thank you. I didn't have to wait too long to catch this one on this route. In some cases, there were back to back LFS buses on this B3 route. Before today, I wasn't catching this type bus at all.


I felt lucky today. :P

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Here's some more photos from today, from the B3 again. These photos were taken in a sunny afternoon. I waited almost 20 minutes for the B3.


Not in service RTS bus.



Here is Novabus LFS 8033 on the B3.









The rest can be seen here.

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Nice catch (Mx)atthew!!! It looks like theres some room in the rear but the light reflections make it difficult so see!


Thanks a bunch, yep, some room in the back of the bus, but a lot of standing room in the front.

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Good stuff!


Thanks a bunch.


Those are some great pics! The LFS's rock!


Thank you, I try. The LFS bus is pretty good in my book. It seems like the B3 has these rather frequently. I'm sure the other routes from Ulmer Park (B1,B6,B36,B64,B74) use them too. Some operators from that depot were still training with them when I took these shots.

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