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PHOTOS: R32, R38, ___?, R44 (A)'s today

Pablo M 201

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After a little waiting at Chambers.....

didn't run into the R42 (A) today, but I guess I was looking for it at the wrong time. But oh well. Finally tested the cam underground for shots and I can say I am fairly happy with the results and hope for alot more soon. Anyway, Enjoy the pics taken today!

Chambers Street/ World Trade Center


C'mon in little buddy, don't be afraid. B) (BTW, the train was sitting there for like three minutes....)



Beach 67th Street





Far Rockaway/Mott Avenue



For the rest, CLICK BELOW!



Hope you all enjoyed, comments are always welcomed!

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A little dark on the underground pictures but good effort. The outside pictures are excellent as usual.

Thanks! I know what I have to do next time when taking underground shots so that they don't come out as dark.

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Nice pics, I was in the Rockaways this past weekend. I haven't been there since 1991 and it was great being out there again.

Thanks. I wish I went to the fan trip instead of wasting sunday entirely.

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