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R-42's appearing on the A

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As many of you know, there is a set of R-42's that ran on the A.


This is what heard from a very credible source:


Jamaica is getting the Phase 1 R-32's from Pitkin to replace the Phase 2 cars, which will be scrapped. C.I's Phase II Cars will be scrapped as well. 207th will be getting all 34 R-42CI from the B line. They will run ONLY on the A line.


I was also told that the R-38's will stay at 207 and get this, supposedly the R-44 are going to the scrap line Also another bonus info is that R-42 4946/7 were selected to be saved for the museum. I would honestly believe this since the source is credible and it seems logical. What do you all think?

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