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Aug 4th (6) EMG G.O.

Pablo M 201

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Well, took advantage of the beautiful, but hot day on saturday and decided to head out to the Bronx. I was originally going to ride the (5) up on Dyre Avenue Line but saw the G.O. posted for the (6) and decided to head up that way. So Enjoy!

Zerega Avenue



Westchester Square/East Tremont Avenue


Middletown Road




Buhre Avenue




For moar, CLICK BELOW!



And after riding the express, lucky to catch the last train going express, went back to Pelham Bay Park, took the QBx1 to Flushing, bought some food at Joe's Best Burger cause I was really hungry (ummm.....Joe's Bst Burger), then headed to take LIRR to NY Penn, cause I didn't feel like taking the subway back to Manhattan. Missed the 4:31 to Penn, but its benefited me cause I walked to the other side of the platform, nice and clean platform floor, sat down in the shade, and enjoyed the food I bought and just chilled there. Never realized how nice the LIRR Flushing station is and that has a few good spot for photos. Definately going back soon to that station. So here are some Bonus shots, Enjoy!




Hope you enjoyed, comments are always welcomed!

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Great pictures of the R142 and the M7. Man, you sure do get around.

Thanks! I sure do. When I go out, I really go out and just go around alot of places. Some ppl think that I'm crazy with all the places that I go, and sometimes at once.

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Some great pictures and videos, especially the Bronx one.


And just so you know, you're not the only one - that happens to me all the time! I get people who tell me I'm nuts with all the places that I like to go to.


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