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Slowing down fan speed

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Does anyone know how to slow down the computer's fan speed? I have EPU-4 Engine installed, and everytime I choose "high performance mode", the fan accelerates. If i uninstall it, then the fan accelerates with no way to slow it down...



As much as I know it's annoying, the fan has a reason it's speed is high, and it's to keep to internal components cool and not overheat, so I'd just use a lot of patience and let the system heal itself, or seek help from a certified tech handymen from a reliable store (like Best Buy Geek Squad) if it is really annoying you to a point you don't want to use it.

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KeyStoneRegional, YankeesPwnMets, and Harry hit it right on the money.


When you set your hardware for optimum performance it will generate alot of heat from the iEPU-4 Engine hardware on that motherboard. That's a given. Eventually the system is supposed to detect that the heat has dropped and the cooling system's RPM should slow down. If you still experience problems, then uninstall the software and drivers and then reinstall. Check the BIOS settings. Get the motherboard book for the board you have with that technology. Possibly you might have to reconfigure jumpers.


As Harry said you can install fan speed controllers. That would be the easiest way to fix it but also the most expensive.


If all else fails, take a damn screwdriver and jam the fan. Noise gone.

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I replaced the low-profile heatsink on my workstation with a giant one and attached 2 Noctua fans to it. I was aiming for a silent system but didn't want to sacrifice the ability to keep my system below 40 degrees Celsius.


EDIT: Noctua also provides 2 resistors which you can attach to the fan's power source to limit the fan's maximum speed. One of them is for quiet operation, and another is for ultra quiet operation.

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Ouch, I forgot to mention a good way to solve your speed problem, it worked for me. Try doing a hard restart, here are the instructions:

1) Shut down the computer.

2) Unplug all power and non-power connections to the computer.

-Wait few minutes-

3) Press the Power Button few times [note: this is to drain any remaining electricity in the system], if you want to feel 100% safe, also press the Optical Drive Button a few times.

-Wait another few minutes-

4) Plug everything back in.

5) Power-up, the speed of the fan should be down.


NOTE: For best results, do it in a cool air conditioned room in the summer.


If it still doesn't work, see if there are excessive amounts of dust in the system and clear the dust away.

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