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Some Engines of Metro North

Fred G

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Oddly enough, these all come from the last few days.



P32DM 201 at Southeast station



BL20GH 127 at Dykemans. Dykemans is the site of a former NY Central station and is just north of the Southeast station.




Same BL20 at Towners. That's the Beacon line crossing overhead, unused but owned by MN



Amtrak P40 at Waterbury, facing south for a change. Better for us railfans!



FL-9 2014 just left the New Haven main and is on the Danbury branch. There is still catenary about a mile up this line, a far cry from when the entire line was electric back in the 50's.



F10's 411 & 413 that ran on the Danbury shuttle all weekend, shot taken at Merrit 7 station. I have a lot of these that I'll post a little later.


Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

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