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Kamen Rider

Disney World January 2013, or how I got talked into running a 5K at 6 in the morning...

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This one's gonna take a while


trains: full ride on the WDW railroad, the People Mover, and the Wildlife Express











a wooden duplicate of Walt's Carolwood Pacific live steam set





The new Fantasyland station(ex Toontown fair)





front of the station building is themed to a roundhouse and holds a bathroom




out front is "Casey Jr's Splash and Soak station", a water play area themed to a turntable for the roundhouse, with a removed branch that's supposed to have been a concetion to the mainline








The people mover has undergone a name change. Full name is now Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover with the TTA name in smaller font on all signs.








Monorails: Due to the wait for the stalled Monorail Red, the camera batteries died and I was unabled to get Contempoary to TTC.











Seven Dwarfs Mine Train rollercoaster under construction


Disney is not exactly hiding this one, not even from the kiddies.
















In the Disney Galley in Downtown Disney, I found this display case




In the Germany pavilion, I found these LGB and Marklin products.









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Man I should consider going to Disney World once in a while. Nice images Kamen.

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Awesome! I love the expansion and neat seeing the train from Dumbo. I guess the 7 dwarves coaster isn't gonna be ready this year? Well 6 more months... But about time they will have another major coaster there. I just hope its more like Everest than thunder mountain.

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The new coaster was pegged for a year from now at the latest the last time I checked.


Unfortunitly, It will be more of a "thunder mountain", since they want Fantasyland to be the "family friendly zone". I guess the next "thrill" hope wil be in the new Avatar land (waits for disney to buyout James Camron...)


on that note: I also tired out the new Star tours. I can't really judge on that one since the ride uses a radomizer program and has dozens of combinations, but the sequince I got seemed tamer than Star Tours Mark I.


Splash mountain was getting a face lift (I've got pics of that)


and the really important news is that Disney is switching to RFID tags (stairs in Jgood's direction). the current phase of the work has all rooms using tap cards for room keys, no more fighting with the readers. they are also in the process of replacing the front gates of the parks. Guests who use thier rooms keys as park tickets just tap to enter.


Phase 2 is RFID wrist bands that will store your park ticket, room key and fastpasses, which will now be able to be remotely reserved through the new "MyMagic+" system online. you will also be able to book dinner reservations and parade or fireworks seatings.


and I don't mean to go down the same road as last week, but to keep some people from having a canary; The tags only contain a ID code which the tag readers associate with a file in thier encrypted back end server that only contains what ever information you wish there to be. The tags are useless outside the parks.


to quote the man who's company makes the wrist tags "“There’s a lot of misinformation, with people suggesting they can track you once you leave the park or scan your wristband and get your credit card information,” Foster said. “No one is going to track you once you leave the park.”

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That's a bummer about the mine coaster, but not too surprised. I guess if it's just a step above TM, it'll do...


I still hope they rethink the Avatar land thing. Yes it made $2.3 billion, but it's nothing like what Universal has with Harry Potter Island where you can really market it to everyone. Someone brought up a better idea for a Lord of the Rings theme and with the Hobbit trilogy going, it'd be a perfect addition for the park. 


I hope in the future they are able to start using some Marvel comics characters (ones that aren't used over at IOA) and incorporate them into the Hollywood studios park.


I'm not a fan of the randomizer of ST, I mean yes it is nice they updated it from the Endor trip, but it'd be nice if it was 'time consistent'. Like if you see Vader, you should not end up in the pod race or something. I wished it was more up to the people to choose like some simulators are only the early trilogy and the other set plays the later part so it minimizes the guessing game.


Facelift of splash mt? That's gonna be sweet.


Lol, yes, enough with the black helicopter/tinfoil hat crap.

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Marvel will be a no go within thier parks until they can renegotiate with Universal.


In the monorail video is several shots of Monorail Red in it's Avengers wrap. Red is not allowed on the Epcot beamway becuase of that wrap, since the track loops through the park, it would violate the contract...


you can still get marvel products while within disney property, the toy store at downtown disney sells them.


the Japan pavlion's store is loaded with merchaindies that is not disney liscnesed, so there might be a legal workaround. They no longer own Power Rangers, but you can still get Power Ranger stuff there ( know the whole Japan connection thing but that's beisdes the point).There might be an argument to be made if you sold Spiderman figures there, and market it being for the 1978 Japanese Spiderman show.


As for me, I saw this guy, grabbed it and ran.





00 Gundam "Seven Sword/G", seen here without the swords attached.


took me over an hour to assmeble him, and I needed another hour for his weapons (not shown)., but I am downright giddy to have him.


If they had something related to Kamen Rider, I probibly would have knocked everyone over to get to the register...



As to the back half of the title, my sister got the idea (why I don't know) to enroll us in the 5K fun run through Epcot, which opens the Disney World Marathon weekend. I had to be up at 4AM, get on a bus at 4:30 and sit in Epcot's parking lot in a pen for about an hour. So I now get to say I've particpated in an offical sporting event.

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