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I-95 "The Missing Link"


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Interstate 95 will finally become a full connecting highway in the next _ years. The plan is to bring I-95 North of Philadelphia onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike (where there should be construction happening), cross the Delaware River (where a second bridge is in the planning) and onto the Turnpike at Exit 6


The only thing I don't agree with is turning I-295 into I-195 at the Exit 60 junction, going around Trenton and meeting with I 95 at the Penn Tnpk/I-276 Jct. Better to keep it as I-295

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There's a higher toll at exit 6 on the NJTP and there is a Deleware river bridge toll on the PA turnpike, no?

Not really as compared to running the entire length of the turnpike.


Another thing that will be done is the building of a second bridge over the Delaware River which will be finished after the 95 project is finished

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