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Hell Gate Pt 2

Fred G

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Nice pics!!




Somewhat relevant, but i'd be wary of some TBTA rent-a-cop trying to take your camera on that bridge.


Hehe, Harry hit the nail on the head a couple comments down :P


Great shots!


Thanks, Myrtle Local! :D


He would have to pry that camera off of Fred's kung-fu grip.


Hehe, I had the white-knuckle grip on that thing anyway. It was breezy up there yesterday! :D Fun spot for a walk though.

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Awesome shots.


You ever make a visit to the high bridge aqueduct? A bit "off limits" but offers spectacular views.


- A


Yeah, I believe that's closed but has been opened to public access, most notably during Open House NY, which is coming up in October, btw.


Excellent pics


Thanks, Curtis!:)

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