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New R40 Videos!

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Awesome stuff, Brighton. Keep it up!


Geek = G33K... I put it the tech geek's way... Glad you got me here, other people will tease you til' you quit the forum... Because all forum member should know this is what those other fellas will say... Jeez, I learned this, this year also... LOLz, some oldies still hanging around... :)...


Let's all speak Standard English here. No leetspeak or any cooky stuff. I got a grilling for using AIM English on the forum.

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I would love to hop a slant at roosevelt island.


- A


You could have before July 22,2001. Friday, July 20, 2001 was the last time the (Q6) would run, and would run to 21 St-Queensbridge via 6 Av Express. The (Q6) was slants between April 1997 and its final day in operation; Friday, July 20, 2001. Prior to 1997, the (:) had the slants, and started going to Queensbridge after it opened, back in 1989. :)

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MTR, this is what forums is... I do it my way... Deal with it or go to a more formal tuxedo talk zone... I don't get you, you are so formal and complex... I think you should loosen up yourself a bit, okay?


so if u wan it ur way, y cant i??? beat it... if u rite like dat or dis on an application, no1 is gunna hire u 4 a job... so deal wit it nd grow up.

there shud b rules dat we all hav 2 follow.


Standard English Translation:

So if you want it your way, why can't I? Beat it... if you write like that or this on an application, no one is going to hire you for a job... so deal with it and grow up. There should be rules that we all have to follow.

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Slant (F), would I want to catch it? Yup! :P!


And MTR, I am going to get hired... I won't write like that on my job and job interview... It is just a stupid thing to do! LOLz, MTR you got to know that you also write like that too and I am not predicting random things that may not happen, :)!


I wrote like that because I want to show you that writing like that is incoherent on public forums and that people cannot have things their way. God.

I think you know why I am including THIS in my post:



If the MTA is going to run the Train of SMEEs, watch everyone here go, armed with cameras. I'll bring some Kleenex if people are going to drip. lol.

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