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R160, all lines but the Q


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Hmm not anymore dude. Haven't seen an R40Slant/R40M or a 42 on the (Q) since last December; 12/2007. Right now the (Q) is R68A/R160A/B.


Hmmm. I was thinking of something different, but I may be wrong about the L. The L may be an exception. The Q definitely is.

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Only line that does not pass through Queens?

The L passes thru Queens briefly but it does not have a station in Queens proper.


That's what I was thinking of. The L passes through Queens, the rest of the lines have a terminus in Queens.

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Mixed sets ran on the (N), (Q), and (W) lines.


Whats the difference with R160 (Q)s with the other routes? The R160 (Q) has programming with Broadway & 6th Ave Lines, also with the future 2nd Ave Lines.


Which kinda explains why I saw this right above the Bronx Bound (D) Track, either that or for when the (F) and (R) gets R160s of their own





But then again, I think the (E), has programming when its re-routed via Whitehall or Via 2nd Ave.


Oh crap, i didnt read the question properly.

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The question has already been answered. (Q) is the only train that doesn't pass through Queens.


Oops, I thought the question was about the R160A/B announcements and fleet arrangements on the (Q). Sorry. :confused:

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That could change... very soon...


That is only IF, the service cuts go into effect and that the Q goes to Astoria.

Here is MY question:


Of all the following lines that run R160s, which one different from the others?


Clue: Something about one particular station.

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