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RTS 5076 is at Ulmer Park


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Not sure, the only new ulmer park buses I seen were 5076 and 9613.


I agree with the first comment. Its about timethey got some 8600s in their depot. This will do just nicely.


As for the second comment, I do think all of Michael Quill's ex-buses have cameras, or else they would not be switching (not right now, anyways).


And 5075 is at UP. 9613 was there before with 9614, but then they returned to Flatbush Avenue.


This is good news, especially since as more and more Ngs come to the borough of Brooklyn, these 86xxs will most likely be going to UP or Maspeth Depots.


Also, the oldest TMCs are no longer in service at Flatbush. All of the 1991 TMCs are being prepared to see ridership on the Maspeth Depot routes. Double hooray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! 5075-5077 & and now 5084 are now at UP. 9566 & 9675 were seen on the B-61 yesterday morning. 12/31/08. Damn this is getting weird. Hey B6 what do you think of them apples? LOL. :P


Lol indeed. Also8800s are coming to town in Brooklyn. Right now, 8860-8868 are at the depot. Just caught 8862 on the B46 today. Talk about weird but nice.


On a different note, Its about time Grand Avenue gets some nice buses [to trash up] for once.

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If you are talking about the hybrids on fla then no. They are staying at FLA.


What I mean is did they work today or was it just a preview for NYE? I was on Utica for a while today and I did not spot one hybrid there. A hell of a lot of former Quills and some 5000s, no 5200s.

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