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R160 Interior LCD flippin out


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Some times the thing that would be broken or acting crazy is the FIND. But not this time. This time the FIND was working fine, but it was the interior LCD that was acting crazy. Heres a pic and a vid.



(Double click on it and then watch it in HD B))





A couple of bonus pictures





Enjoy :)

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That's odd, usually it's the FINDs that are broke, the destination bar is usually spot-on.


I'd have to disagree. The interior LED is more reliable than the FIND's, but they do freeze quite often. Usually you'd have one side that works and the other that's stuck.

But then again, did we ever have any NYCT trains that worked perfectly as soon as they were in service? So I guess give it a few years or decades and they'll become the ol' reliable. I'm still gonna dislike them though, lol, but that's another story.

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