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Valentines Day and 15th Photo

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Valentine Day

From (7)




Grand St (S) Bus at West 4th St and Grand St






(F) passing Astroland Cyclone




Brooklyn (3)(4)(S) Bus


(4)(S) train at Utica Av

Subway Fish- MTA Art for Transit IRT (4)






Not sure which order was it. Either Valentine or Sunday.




Enjoy it!

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Nice, clear and crisp pix... Humm, wonder why the trains are all so dim, :)!

I was using dispersal camera.


Good photos, feels odd when subway lines are shuttle busing

Grand St (S) Bus is interesting. I remember I never had chance to do Grand St (S) Bus when Manhattan Bridge (:)(D) track was closed, including the DeKalb Av-Grand St (S) Bus.



These are good photographs, they seem a bit dark though.

Thank you.


Why does the Grand St. shuttle bus sign say (A) on it?

Maybe, one of another error by (MTA)?

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Nice, clear and crisp pix... Humm, wonder why the trains are all so dim, :)!

He was using a disposable camera, one where half the pictures came out frosted. Yuki does have nice photos in ths thread, but some of them aren't "clear and crisp". So why do you add that to every photo thread? You even parrot yourself now...


Anyway, Yuki, nice pics! As for the frosted ones, don't expose the film already in the camera to light until you finish the reel. I know your camera is broken, will you be getting a new one soon?

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