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Signal problems at South Ferry

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Come on guys. Give the station a chance for itself to break into the system. Its only a few hours old. Any time a new service, or route takes effect, there's always some sort of mishap. The first night the (Q) was extended back to Stillwell; Midnight May 23, 2004, I must have counted at least 5-6 (Q)'s pass Brighton on its way down to Stillwell just in 10 minutes!. The (1) has a new home, let it get used to it...

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What you guys have to remember is that (1) train service didn't even touch the terminal after 12:30 until rush hour. So any kinks that would have happened during the midday hours got pushed to rush hour. I find myself saying it just don't stop at this, but it's fine, it'll fix itself.

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Well, it is expirencing problems, sure it is! That is part of why the New South Ferry Station is delayed for opening... First, Project Delay; Second, Gap Problem; Third, System Problem... Duh, :)!


Come on man, have faith in the thing. The MTA finally got it done. You should be glad. What's wrong with you cynics?

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