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NYPD Subway Photo Directive

Fan Railer

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Excellent finding! I will be printing this out and saving on my system just incase! Now lets see what a COP is gonna say about this hehe lol Of course, I will bring the (MTA) Rules of Conduct, thats important too!!


Now if only some T/A workers could understand that its allowed~


Edit: BTW I wouldnt make the title ONLY subway, i would say on MTA Property, because its allowed in every secition of the MTA even in facility~ =)


Once again great find!

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If you're going to present this to an officer when questioned, be sure to present it properly.


yes! do not abuse this document, or you will tarnish our already faltering reputation as railfans.


the only rule that is necessary is that if confronted, please act responsibly and respectfully. that is, don't do anything that would get you arrested.

if the cop is stubborn, remember to respectfully ask for his badge number and stop taking pictures/vids.

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