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  1. All of the fantasy planning came back to me. It's time.

  2. Went fanning in the adirondacks, what fun

    1. NYCtrainfan01


      Got some photos?


  4. VWM

    Made some fantasy maps.... btw MEGA MAN IN BRAWL!

  5. This is some crap weather to walk home in...

  6. It's good to be sort of back

    1. Threxx


      Why were you gone so long?

    2. VWM


      I just forgot about it I guess... School is a big factor too

  7. Oh, please tell us more about how NICE sucks and the n6 is bad. We didn't know that.

  8. VWM

    why did you close ur facebook?

  9. Why can't the Jets beat the Patriots sooner? And then again on Thanksgiving...

  10. thanx for 1840 pix

  11. My HW average is going to be so low for this quarter... oh noes

  12. I want my N53 back.

    1. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      Don't ask the MTA. Ask that company up in canada or the midwest.

    2. User


      What prompts you to want the N53 back?

  13. VWM

    Lol @ your profile picture...

  14. Merrick defeats Bellmore 21-6 in football...

  15. It seems I can't use chat... I get kicked immediately, eh?

    1. Harry


      The Chat is hosted on IP Services end not on this server. Even I get kicked out. So keep trying.

    2. Harry


      It's just a random thing.

  16. here comes the rape train choo choo

  17. Being hinest, Governor Romney looked like a d*ck at the debate.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      @foxie +1000000000

    3. B3 Via Av U
    4. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      He got giddy, "I get to go first this round..."

  18. Firs tfootball game is next Tuesday against our crosstown rival, let's go Rams!

  19. I'm going to post my recent fanning today... hopefully lol

  20. On the NICE Mao, the N24 is running on an invisible street in East Meadow, and always has

  21. NICE is re-wrapping the Able-Ride buses.

    1. User


      Do you think we should be keeping track of the numbers?

  22. Coming soon: Front Street Fanning

    1. lilbluefoxie


      try to get that route, i think its the 47 that runs only during the rush hours.

  23. Should we have a NYCTF Fantasy Football League? (Free, of course)

    1. User


      I can organize one. I have experience.

    2. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      I can organize it when it comes to basketball.

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