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  1. My computer got fried, had to move my hard drive to a different machine...

    1. VWM


      Oh man...

      Was it the Blue Screen of Death every 12 seconds?

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  2. Everyone on my facebook newsfeed is fighting :o *grabs popcorn*

  3. This is, W 4 St, Transfer is available to the (A)(B)(C)(D)(E) and (F) trains!

  4. Do we have a third brony now on NYCTF?

  5. wonders how people come up with some of the What If? scenarios.

    1. VWM


      I created a monster of a thread on accident...

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  6. I'm like pro anything that gets me from point A to point B, train, plain, car, bus, walking, etc.

  7. Is likely one of the few here who uses the "spoiler" tags.

  8. The NICE service changes are up on the website thanks to me. It's not on the NICE Website but its on here in the NICE June 2012 service adjustments page

  9. Google chrome FTW. Internet extroller is finally gone

  10. Heading to BronyCon at the end of the month! :D

  11. In 10 years, I'm hoping I'll be in an R160 cab, and feeding insider information to the members here.

  12. If you missed me (which you probably didn't) then I was gone b/c my computer had a meltdown. I have admin access to a loaner now, so I'm back.

  13. My friends recommend me being a bus operator while my family recommends me to be a subway operator. Oh, which one to choose, which one to choose....

  14. Field trip to Boston tomorrow.

  15. Got my girlfriends cat (long story) tonight and he is so adorable!

  16. Proud to say that I have a Double Quadruple on the forums as of this moment.

  17. Cities in Motion: Awesome transit simulator I discovered! Comment on this status if you want links for the PC & MAC demo.

  18. and FiOS is installed!

    1. VWM


      Out with the crappy and in with the excellent

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  19. (G) to Beach 116 St? Not in our lifetime.
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