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  1. Who gets the blame if you rear end someone ? Really you would have to think of who's at fault?
  2. Deblasio will soon charge us for that anyway no need to sell it lol.
  3. Lol, I didn't say anything myself cause I didn't even know what the hell his rant was going on about.
  4. Very possible. Not many people were out this morning anyway
  5. You can say it was running if you want, but it was making all local stops hence it's running as a regular 44 Even says it on the MTA website if you want to look " All borough limited buses are making local stops in both directions because of inclement weather. " This happens every year.
  6. Not in SI, maybe they put up the wrong signs by accident but all limiteds were instructed to make all local stops (minus the 93 and 89 of course) from at least 0430hrs and still on going.
  7. I know it's not a reality but I thought a few times what if all NYC residents get taxed to hell for transportation but in return NYCTA bus/subways are free for everyone. Not sure what tax rate would be needed lol
  8. Yeah but we're talking about express bus here, not s53/79/93/89
  9. That's not a malfunction that's the driver set it to wrong fare.
  10. While I know you don't have to be zoned for highschool's anymore I don't think they should be letting people go to different boroughs just for a public school and the overall effect on a teenagers rest and sleep scheduling and overall mental health adding in 2 hours travel each way. But that's just my own opinion. And what if there's a big emergency would anyone want their kids stranded somewhere over a bridge away
  11. That won't save anything besides more weight being hauled around on the money truck. Fareboxes need to get probed regardless of if coins are in it or not. It's how it reads the MetroCard info as well. And sucking out the coins even on a fully loaded farebox is maybe 30sec more maximum over a empty one.
  12. That was eliminated many years ago. For good reason I think, if your taking express bus to school your not doing something right lol.
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