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  1. Ain't no body got time for dat!
  2. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Well for when drivers thatare waiting for for express they will usually always make them want for a bus to come in. On the other hand local it's where some will get cut, each depot got a list for school trips which are OK to not send out if no availability. And it's very common for dispatchers to have to call into maintenance to get a bus released even if it's only for one trip to make service. As far as why so much OT, not sure.... Maybe the TA has high hopes everyone wants OT but can't force people on it. They have the manpower if they add another trip in everyone's run, not that I want more work lol. But I assume you know all this by now lol I don't try to talk about stuff I don't know.
  3. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    In reality maybe it meant 99% of those trips left the depot? ( That's why you will see some busses that might have bad wifi or bad farebox. Whatever is needed to make service will be done sometimes) If they made it or got short turned or anything is another story. But I will say they do try to cover trips pretty regularly and send out mass messages about OT But than again I might be coming at it from a more hopeful view than you or most lol.
  4. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Interesting Cassella showed up but no other union heads....
  5. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Well your not missing anything on the meridith lines. No good scenery or anything in particular that it would be worthwhile to go out of the way for.
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    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah I hear you. Look what they left on my bus a week or two ago lol
  11. Yeah but no ones going to ticket or tow a trash bin lol


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