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  1. Whatever happened to just being crazy sometimes.
  2. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    As I'm not sure about the outside link postings on this site. Why haven't you posted a link to it in here? You can still keep postings private on there I believe might help get some more exposure. Not everyone is searching on FB for these issues you are trying to resolve...
  3. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    So so. A bent wheel can happen without jumping a curb. Flat tire is only your issue if the sidewall is ripped due to the sidewalk or something. If something blew into the street or fell of a vehicle in front of the bus than gets run over that does damage than there would be no avoiding that .
  4. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Is it appropriate to say DAS BOOOOT
  5. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Don't think the engine and transmission are stressed as all, even fully loaded on highway it doesn't need much to maintain speed. I wouldn't say an extra 5000lb over say a 45-50,000pound normal load is really even going to effect anything. I would blame it just more on there getting broken in now and not just brand new and racking up the miles are bound to bring problems.
  6. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    That doesn't make it safe. Read the sidewall of the tire on any of our coach bus it will say the speed rating of it. Not sure if some of them have been going over to Michelin But here is both, I know for a fact we use the 305width tire and the Goodyear's were 55mph rated not sure what the Michelin are at or if we use them on coach. https://www.goodyear.com/mileage/pdf/goodyear_transit_tires.pdf https://www.michelinb2b.com/wps/b2bcontent/PDF/Transit_Buses.pdf Look up the history of the Goodyear g159 RV tire is a prime example of over running the tire and speed limit. That tire has caused many many deaths from people pushing over the limit of them
  7. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Yes not just busses and heavy vehicles but bassicly every car and motor vehicle there is. Some tire compounds get too hot when loaded at speed and become unsafe. Usually higher speed rated tires cost more and they usually don't last as long either.
  8. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    I don't think that's a option. The tires on our busses only have a speed rating of 55 or 60mph.
  9. If that was the case they wouldn't spend the $100+ mil on bus orders since 2015+
  10. Bus drivers don't make $36/hr and the bus does not take gas, it uses diesel. Diesel and gas are different fuels.
  11. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    You can find em all day long on Amazon or eBay.
  12. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    What about it ? It's a extra cusion some guys like. Nothing special.
  13. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Well RTS and O5s you can really smash the people in there good, behind them is the NG and 3G, and the Nova's are horrible at packing people in due to layout.
  14. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    When in doubt, do the old route!


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