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  1. trife86

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    SI still got a couple of the old shelters up in fort Wadsworth, and yes much better design.
  2. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    During peak am rush the headway at one point is every 4 minutes... Bunching is inevitable, I'd say.
  3. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Nyct for me. Sorry for confusion just figured this was the new York City bus section lol.
  4. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Right, even if we're running empty on drop off section we are told to do the whole route just in case there is a breakdown or unforseen event of the busses ahead of you.
  5. Why should they be in MTA livery if it's not the MTA operating them? Makes no sense.
  6. trife86

    MTA Bus Operations: On-board screens and announcements

    Here's 8207 for reference.
  7. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Oh wow didn't know that. Interesting
  8. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Might of only stood with the mci on the bridge because the speed limit of 45mph so no one should be speeding and up until maybe 6months or so ago all the locals were capped at 45, now they are down to 40. But that aside the Nova has good power when above 30mph but below that the NG and 3G are smoother for sure.
  9. trife86

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    None of the section of the NJT where our busses operate are 65mph last time I was on it. It was 55-60.
  10. trife86

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Anyone know what the changes in the 2018/19 Nova will be compared to the currently running 15/16s
  11. trife86

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Blame it on the roads that there is no avoiding instead of the the drivers.
  12. Also next time bring up the deadhead route. The official deadhead to CPS coming out of the tunnel is west side - 10th ave - 50th - 6th Ave - turn onto CPS. Some guys don't follow it to save time. But the ones that do follow it need at least 30min extra on peak hours. 10th Ave is not very fun. Also when it comes to time and a half rate it doesn't work exactly as you described. We get time and a half when our vehicle time is over 8 hours. (Some days might be over the span of say 9 hours but only 7 in the vehicle) and in that case you might only make straight time until you get 8 hours vehicle. You are correct with the 11 hour rule though.
  13. Lol I highly doubt there is a shortage of 25. They would make service somehow if they had able workers there they would find some shitbox bus laying around or throw a local bus out there... It is common though for having all the coach's out and due to traffic busses are late coming back so sometimes OPs will have to wait for a incoming bus to the depot. Usually not more than 10min before the dispatchers will figure out something alternative. But a shortage of 25 no way.... I am not out of Charleston but I would of deff heard about that.


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