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  1. The 75 was a revision of the 15, which was an express version of the 11 (and the 114 under Public Service/TNJ). I guess ridership just dwindled over the years until virtually nobody rode it and it got 86'd. I rode it a few times in the late 90's on the afternoon trips out of Newark to Willowbrook and there were MAYBE a dozen people on it if that. The couple times I rode an afternoon trip from Willowbrook to Newark I was the only one on board.
  2. Very nice. It's succinct, rational and would likely be quite useful. The only change I would make is perhaps having the 617 going to Somerville instead of Raritan, as that is the county seat and has more offices and commerce, and maybe onward to Bridgewater Commons. Other than that, looks pretty good.
  3. Technically, it *could* be done... an eastbound Bergen County Line train, for instance, once departing Secaucus, would use the West End Wye - or switch ends in the Bergen Tunnel to run west on the M&E - out to past Kearny Junction; then switch direction again to join the High Line at Swift. So yeah, it could be done - but won't (nor should it, at least at the present time).
  4. That's not the reason. The town wanted a ratable on that property, and since NJT wouldn't be paying taxes, the town put the kibosh on it. Teterboro (roughly around where the Teterboro Landing development is) would be an ideal spot; it's closer and more convenient to highways like 46, 17 and the Turnpike for easier deadheads to New York and other places. Also, a garage being built anywhere north of Oradell is just not going to happen, for reasons already mentioned.
  5. Well, I rode this service for the first time today; the H03 from Lot J to White Plains and the H05 on the return. I can attest to what many others have said here, and unfortunately, 8 months or so in, it looks like not much has changed in terms of ridership, at least on the buses that I rode. Going from Lot J to White Plains, there was only one other person. Same on the return. I cannot speak for the Tarrytown buses but I am assuming (and hoping) that they are more patronized. Lot J was pretty full when I got there in the mid afternoon, but not sure how many riders were for the Hudson Link vs. the Rockland Coaches 49. The system and concept itself seems well thought out and user friendly, with lots of convenient features like countdown times at each stop, scan and go boarding, and TV screens on board outlining the upcoming stops and ETA's. It's a shame that more people aren't using it. That said, I agree that this level of service cannot be justified with the current ridership levels. Streamlining is almost certain to happen at some point, with maybe two off-peak routes; a combination of the H01 and H03; and another a combination of the H05 and H07, each running every 30 minutes or so, and maybe the H07X during rush hours. Hopefully, more people will try out and use the service.
  6. Missing from the conceptuals are the "customers" completely packing the center vestibules with their suitcases and bikes (nobody is going to actually stow them the proper way). and fully deployed strollers to the point nobody can get through, as well as people packing it because nobody can be bothered to stand on the upper or lower levels. Also missing are the people who try to beat the fare by getting on one end, stooping to see the other end, which way the crewmember goes, then go the opposite direction. Also missing is actual employee input and feedback, because if that were included, these wouldn't even be on the table.
  7. I'm assuming for Question 7, the three companies you refer to are Rockland, Saddle River and Short Line. Also, Question 9 is technically wrong. All of those towns have had service to both terminals at one point or another. Midland Park had the 45 many years ago (roughly the Intercity Lines version of the 175).
  8. As an aside, the 128 now runs 7 days a week with a few trips on Saturday and Sunday to help out along Boulevard East. There actually have been unscheduled 128 weekend trips in the past that have run at random intervals at the direction of station starters (usually runs on the 165, 166 or 167 that have missed their regular trips and done short Blvd East trips to help out. These would then deadhead back to PABT to continue their run on schedule). Hopefully, this is a first step toward getting the 165/166/168 off the Boulevard completely and making the 128 a full time 24/7 line.
  9. If you're talking about reliefs being made along the line, NJT does plenty of that. Can't speak for South Jersey but up north, just about every garage does that on certain runs, except for Oradell.
  10. Bus training is structured but only about four weeks long (maybe slightly longer now since I started).
  11. Here's a no-brainer idea which makes perfect sense:. I'd have the outbound 190's use the same routing as the 191/192/195 from Route 3 into Lyndhurst (Rutherford Avenue) instead of Barrows Avenue. It would then simply make the right onto Orient Way and then regular route. There's absolutely no reason for the 190 to go the way it currently does in the outbound direction, and every reason for it to use the Rutherford Avenue routing; namely the popular tourist stop at Polito Avenue.
  12. I highly sympathize with her and it was shameful what she went through (not to mention possible ADA violations...) BUT-- would her condition not qualify her for Access Link, which would provide much more personal and direct service?
  13. I'm curious as to how the specific business model of the IBOA's worked. I have a general understanding of how it was (still is, I guess, whatever's left of them) being a collection of owner/operators or whatever but did each owner/op. own their own buses? Did they pool together to run the service? Was it similar to the FedEx Ground model in which owner/ops own their own trucks and are technically individual companies but run the service for FXG? Thanks.

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