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  1. These posts get more ridiculous by the day...

  2. Okay...but what's your point? Let's just leave it that the fact that different parts of the subway system have either two or three tracks to operate with (the ones without express service). Given those numbers, different tactics would be used to lower commute times. I'm just pointing out the line could be the one to consider those options during rush hours.
  3. It has three tracks. That's why the idea isn't as complicated as it seems. Besides, even if the Jerome Avenue Line ONLY had two tracks, I wouldn't advocate for a skip-stop service to be placed. More local stations + three express stations + 8 minute frequency = express service. Simple. You should look up the pilot program that the went through about eight years ago.
  4. You're joking, right? I gave an example in my first response.
  5. Okay....let me rephrase that for a second. I PREDICT that more express services will be made possible for people living in populated areas in the city but reoccurring track issues will put that on hold.
  6. And it's basically opening a can of words. There are several others threads related to this stating why this is too costly and not as important as other ongoing projects.
  7. Hey guys! I took a really...really long hiatus from the forums, but now I'm back. I created this topic for a short-term Change The World project (it's a long story. Message me if you're still curious) and I need your opinions on something. Have you ever been in a situation where you have somewhere to be and you're running out of time, your train is delayed or even don't know which train to take? Well, my project is about creating ways to navigate throught the city without having to consider much options in your commute. I want you guys to talk about when you've been in one of these situations, but it has to be really specific. What problems did you face getting to your destination, where were you going, why was it important? That specific. Thanks and I'm looking forward to reading your responses.
  8. They're just there because of the way the website was designed...
  9. Didn't know this was still active but....hey. Here goes nothing. With the speed the MTA is running at, repairing signals and tracks will still be a viable issue. You can't just expect a plan to be thrown at contractors and board members and everything will be fine. The subway system will still be more or less breaking down at a steady rate, but hopefully it won't cause major issues. Second, the express!!! Don't get me wrong....I love taking the Burnside Ave-bound trains from school everyday but knowing that I go to school in East Harlem, it would be nice to have a service for not just me, but people who live on or close to the express station stops. That's just my take on it.
  10. Though very impressive, I don't think some people would dedicate a bunch of time to draw schematics on train and or bus models. Honestly, that is some good detail on the diagram, but it's not really going to be that big of a change.

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