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  1. Also add 3972 to ENY it’is was not in service going down Pennsylvania Ave
  2. I remember reading on the thread , somewhere on this threat the every time the R179 messes Bombar has to compensate and extra 2 cars or more.
  3. The best chance to see all the R179 for the is rush hours. You basically see then back to back now & does anybody know wassup with 3262-3267 that set just been sitting in Pitkin yard for like the longest
  4. 3308-3317 in service on its way to 125th St
  5. This may be a dum question but does what specific time does AM/PM rush technically start & ends I’m new hear lol
  6. With this order , is it going to push there current XD60s to NYCT which LGA & JFK/Far Rick has ?
  7. To be honest off peak the riders drop a lot. It’s only packed during AM/PM peak
  8. Think that set been running for a while now
  9. My bet its going to MTA but their hybrids are up for retirement also so maybe it is scrap but the have a lot of OGs
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