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  1. 4448 Grand to ENY saw it on the B14 but it still has Grand Decals on it probably another loan
  2. Think it’s because Pitkin knows that they’ll have the R46s until they retire , whereas Jamaica knew the swap was going to happen to they just let the R46s good and focus on the R160s they have
  3. Probably and also to give the R46s a break and to have looked at. I was on the Manhattan Br. Coney Island R46s sounds bad especially their breaks
  4. Anything on 9510 we know it’s at ENY but has it hit service on any of the routes ?
  5. I understand that UP is sending Xds to phase out the OGs but what is UP getting in return ?
  6. Weren’t they out for a couple months so for them to have problems is natural & it’s only “ the brakes”
  7. R44 are truly miss on the their speed was amazing and take off !!
  8. How many are we getting ? And is for NYCT or MTA Bus ?
  9. There’s an 8-Car R46 at JAM Yard. Saw it when I was on the Van Wyck Expwy
  10. Are the R211s currently being built or are they still in pause because of COVID-19
  11. So if the MTA give ENY those 4-Car R211 the R160 from would go the the ?
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