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  1. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The only time I've been shook in the bronx is when I had to look for a family member by 167 Street at night. My cousin was lost and I was going up and down River Av. (If you know what I'm talking about, it was by the Grafitti covered Wall and Car lots). I was mad scared (Must of been like 10 years old) with my grandma . I remeber it was smelly too, and a lot of shady people. Jerome at night, nah man I'm good. (Mind you that was a long local back home. Lived in Corona, so 167 to 42st local all the way down to catch the )
  2. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What are the most dangerous places to fan on? I know the for sure (Brownsville nuff said) But other than that, I dont find any other part of the city "scary".
  3. Q23 via 108

    End of an era the RTS.

    True, but I would have also like New Jersey Transit to try Orion 5s. They did have Orion 6s but gave them to the MTA. Would've been cool to have all three.
  4. Q23 via 108

    End of an era the RTS.

    Everybody knows the Metros (especially NJ) because of the way the bus would sway when it would turn. The memorable thing about NJ RTS to me was the rear door design (only because it was different from New York's RTSes and that they had Orange destination signs (Compared to New York mostly have Flipdot destination signs). But the RTSes that New Jersey had are one of the best buses that NJ Transit ever had. They were just not remembered like New York's.
  5. Q23 via 108

    End of an era the RTS.

    That's because the RTSes left a bigger impact and legacy in New York. NY has used the RTS since 1981 and is still used today. When you think about the Bus side of the MTA, most people have the RTS as the GOAT of all buses. In New Jersey's case, The Flexibles were the face of the NJ Transit. While the RTSes played second banana to the Flexibles in Jersey. Its kinda like how MTA's Orion 5s were. They were great buses, but the RTS got most of the attention. Imagine NJ Transit with out the Metros. Now imagine New York with out the RTS. Can't have them with out both. I think a big factor is the areas covered. For example, The RTS has been present in every borough and every depot at least once for years. Meanwhile the 1999 - 2000 New Flyer C40LF (Another loved bus model) were only found in Jackie Gleason routes for most of there lives. So I think the more prevelant a bus model is, the more attatched people are to a specific.
  6. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Also, was that train bound for Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan? The trains crashed in AM Rush so was the going to Bay Parkway or 9 Av, or just to Chambers Street.
  7. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How fast was the when it smacked the on the Williamsburg Bridge? Looking at the damage, looks like it had a good amout of speed.
  8. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    My man needs some Vicks Vapor Rub.
  9. Q23 via 108

    R32 and R46 going to the B Line???

    Lowkey, the R68s are going to die on the . They've been there since they were born.
  10. Q23 via 108

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    And as far as the RTS being the backbone of the fleet. Once they retire I would say that the Xcelsiors are going to be the focus of the fleet of the future. And the Nova LFS will be the Orion 5s of the fleet as a different model to differentiate the fleet. Unless MTA looks at Gillig, MTA is most likely going to use this combo of buses Novas and Xcelsiors in the foreseeable future (Artics included). These are the future buses for New York.
  11. Q23 via 108

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Facts. Nobody cares about many buses untill they are close to retirement. That's why I care about some of the newer buses. Nothing will beat the RTSes, Orion 5 (CNGs too), and older New Flyers (Artic or C40). But at the same time. There are a lot of newer models that I like now before they become "favorites" to many bus fans. Many people sleep on the Novas. They won't take the pace of an RTS but they are really solid Buses. People also sleep on the New C40LFs. Yes the bus is quiet compared to the old model. But besides that, these buses look the same. But the point is that I care about bus models at all times. Not when they are brand new or about to retire. Its about that time in between.
  12. Q23 via 108

    How fast do expresses actually travel?

    You all don't say much about the . The part from 61 to Junction was pretty fast (82st to 90th being the fastest part of the whole ). Queensboro to 61 has to many curves. I lived right next to Junction Blvd station and I would watch the R62As fly into the station and hear the deceleration from my fire escape. I love the noise that an R62 or older smee makes when slowing down. I can hear that all day.
  13. Q23 via 108

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Are the '99 RTSes going to stay at their depots (Flatbush, Ulmer Park, Jamaica,ect) up till retirement or are they going to finish at MTA Bus (LGA or JFK).
  14. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I love this post so much. I agree with almost everything on here. Except the , which is a line I like riding.
  15. Q23 via 108

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    When I take the , its in Manhattan or The Bronx. When I think about the Its that subway thats just there. I dont care about it, even with 2nd Av. I rather take the . But I'm a Queens dude, so I wouldn't know much about Brighton or much of Brooklyn for that matter. But I got Queens, The Bronx, and Manhattan pretty good. When I go to Brooklyn I take the or . But I'm sure the Q provides good service.


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