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  1. R32 . 167 St Bronx Bensonhurst Bay Parkway. D Concourse/Av of Amer/West End
  2. What is the purpose of removing the builder plates? Its such a minor detail that I don't see a reason for them to take them off.
  3. I love the bus tracking apps that help to know where the bus is in real time. No more looking at a paper schedule guessing where the bus is. Real time is probably the best thing to happen this decade as far as buses go.
  4. Can a Skip Stop Train work? Just like the . In the Summer, I take the from Fordham Road to 125 to catch the . Normally it takes about 20 minutes to get from Fordham to 125. You could make both trains stop at important stops (Kingsbridge, Fordham, 161) and let the other stops alternate between trains. The could use the or some other unused designation for the skip stop idea. But I'm just throwing this up in the air, I usually take the to go to The Bronx anyway. But hey, its just an idea...
  5. From an unbiased perspective Queens Division Casey Stengel - One of the best Jamaica - Very good depot. Depot is just mad old. Queens Village - Very good depot College Point - Mad busy, cool routes, Good depot Far Rockaway/JFK - up and coming. Pretty good LaGuardia - Has a big service area, lots of routes. Up and coming Manhattan Division Mother Clara Hale - Nice new depot, Its good. Manhattanville - Got some of the slowest routes, Covers all of Manhattan, Good depot MJQ - Great depot. Just has the slowest routes. Tuskegee - Has long routes. Busy. Good depot. Brooklyn Division ENY - A little bit of everything. Good depot Flatbush - East NY part 2. Has some busy routes. One of the better Brooklyn depots. Good. Jackie Gleason - Been on point for a long time. Excellent Grand Av - Big New Depot, Lots of routes, its good. Ulmer Park - Low key. Good at what it does. Good Spring Creek - same as Ulmer Park. Good Fresh Pond - Weird. Its in the middle. OK Staten Island - lol🤣 The Bronx Division West Farms - The leader of the pack. Excellent Kingsbridge and Gun Hill - Damn Eastchester - Doesn't exist🤣 My Personal top 5 all time 1. LGA - Dope routes. Mad variety with its routes. Has always had the dopest oldest buses. Childhood depot. Has been looking good in recent days. 2. Kingsbridge - Love all of its routes. Better than Gun Hill. Frequency is mad high. Just wish the appearance was better. But I think its cool. 3. West Farms. Has a great diverse fleet. Has some cool routes. The cleanest buses in all of the Bronx. An example to the other Bronx depots. Always has the cooler buses in The Bronx. 4. Jackie Gleason. What can I say that hasn't been said. A+ 5. Manhattanvile. Manhattanville has a great diversity when it comes to its routes. They do a great job of serving all of Manhattan. Other than the southern tip of the island, Manhattanville takes you everywhere. You got routes like the M4 that go to the top of Manhattan and others that go all the way to the village M2. You got your East Village, Midtown, Harlem, Washington Heights, Riverbank Pk, Times Sq, 5th Av. The list goes on and on Also Manhattanville routes move slightly faster than MJQ.
  6. Furthermore, Articulated buses are practically the same thing, and we've had those since 1996.
  7. Yes. The W started service on July 2001. During that time, the and were mostly R32, R40 S, R40M/R42, and R68/As. And for the better part of the last 10 years, R68/A and R160. Thus, this is the 1st time that the will use the R46s.
  8. The R68s on the N aren't gonna no more love lol.
  9. I was wondering why the older SMEEs (R32 - R42 & Redbirds) didn't recieve two tone door chimes during their GOH. Most cars got new everything minus the door chime. I dont know how expensive it would be to install those, but if they can get new rollsigns, new doors, new paint, I'm sure they could've squeezed in door chimes. Any insight as to why those cars didn't recieve those Door Chimes?
  10. Whats faster? At 59 Street Columbus Circle. Which gets to Canal Street 1st. PM Weekday Rush Hour. or . 59 St to Canal.
  11. Just out of curiousity, why were some R33s painted Green in the mid - late 80s? Always liked how "Greenbirds" look but never knew the reasoning behind it
  12. Northbound 6 trains are proceeding with delays after we isolated a car with a soiled interior at Brook Av. Posted: 11/6/19 10:10 AM
  13. Nah, they be flocking the train stops. There are undercover cops on the train stops. I entered Fordham Road at 9 in the morning and saw this dude standing by the turnstyles and saw the same dude at 5pm. And in my mind im like (9 to 5 is a shift. Thats a cop.) Fordham Road and Kingsbridge Road on Concourse got poh-lice for sure. Thats why the is always the better option in the Bronx along with Peak Rush Hour express, and better headways. I spend my summers on Valentine Av and East 192 Street so my advice is to take the .
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