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  1. They are in a state that it is not reasonable for the MTA to fix them. Why fix a transmission or engine on a 15+ year old bus?
  2. Bus reliablity has improved big time. Realize that those are some of the oldest buses in the fleet. Who knows, maybe LGA got the worst of the 6500s. Or perhaps maybe JFK has the upper hand in maintenance. But LGA gets my respect, they were the last to run the 1996 RTS. Both depots had 1996, LGA ran them last. Today, both depots got 6500s, perhaps JFK will be the last one to run them.
  3. So when it comes to Lexington Av. Which method is the MTA looking at. Will they do the Express tracks first seeing as the and already have NTTs. Or will they do the Local tracks since the Express tracks are vital tracks and the could be dealt with easily (whether have it run on the Express or cut it back to 125 or 3 Av-138). Also, will they work on both sides at the same time or will they work on one direction (Bronx side first for ex.)? Either way, Lexington Av is a very delicate line and has to be worked on at specific times. Late Nights will be ideal, but the weekends can be crazy. Many rely on the to Yankee Stadium, and even on weekends, Lex is still quite busy. So this is going to be interesting to say the least. But, we will truly see what the MTA is truly made of. And how they will control (or lack of) this task.
  4. The R262s will probably come out in the mid to late 2020s. We don't even have all of the R179s and we are months away from 2020, so no time soon.
  5. I don't know for sure, but I do know that the NYCT ones had a harder life the SIRT. The R44s were on the longest and most used lines (. ,,, in the old days) Meanwhile staten island hasn't taken as much of a beating when compared to the city's.
  6. As you all know. The R44s were prematurely canned due to structural damage (specifically frame rot and rust). But... let's just play "what if" and said that the R44s were built Stainless Steel, which would eliminate the structural problems that they went through. So my question is, how do you think the R44s would be performing in 2019? Would they be falling apart or would they be holding up. I assume that at 2019, they would probably run on the and Rockaway Park while the can alternate between R46 and R179. And once the R179s are delivered and all the teething issues are fixed, then the R44s would start being scrapped. Another possibility is that the R44s could have been used on the considering that it's not that long a route? Its interesting to think of how this decade could have been had the R44s not retire. There wouldn't have been R32s on the . No R32 shuttles in the Rockaways. The end of 60ft SMEEs, little to no fleet shortage, and possibly a full length by now. Point is the 2010s could have been real different depending on the availability of the R44s. Had the 44s been around today, they would have been close to 50 years. They probably wouldn't have made it to 50, but I could have probably envisioned the R44s retiring around 2016-2018ish. What do you guys think? Were the R44s doomed anyway by the start of the 2010s? Or could they have held up perhaps 6~8 more years in Revenue Service (assuming no structural damage).
  7. Correct. The R44s retirement saved the remaining R32s and R42s. Otherwise, those two car classes would have been retired.
  8. Stuck in a subway tunnel. I think you have better odds of winning the lottery than see Cuomo fix the subway.
  9. I always asked myself the same question. But I guess not because 1. There would probably be opposition from the stops being skipped. And 2. The people in general probably would have opted to take the or to go Express uptown. If it did happen though, it would need a different subway bullet. I would say . There is no diamond .
  10. Those New Oat milk advertisements are dope. Has to be the best one I've seen on a bus.
  11. Any mechanics or drivers in the house? I want an insider's opinion toward the Orion 7 Old gens. Everyone knows that the RTS are awesome, and its legacy is sealed. But I want to know how people internally feel about these buses. Are they reliable? Great to drive? And overall good buses? I'd like to know more about the Hybrids because the CNGs have been gone.
  12. Not necessarily. They are just getting rid off the worst of the bunch. In 2020 when the new buses arrive, then it's a wrap for the Gen 1 Hybrids. It makes no sense to fix a bus with a major problem that's 15 years old. Those 2004s have another good year of service left in them. But if there's a major problem with one of them, its serves the MTA no good to fix a bus that won't make it pass the next year.

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