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  1. Nah, Kingsbridge has been going down hill for a while now. Its not Gun Hill, but not that far from it.
  2. Probably a one time thing. This hasn't happened to the ones on the .
  3. The Q103 has to be the most irrelevant route in all of the MTA. I know there are other routes that are kinda out there, but what's the purpose of the 103. I know it's not to far from Queens Bridge Projects and stops by the , but other than that, that bus is just there. If you look up on Google Q103 Bus. The 1st image your gonna see 100 series Orion 5 from Like a decade ago. And a few more pics, but not a whole lot. It operates on over 30 minute headways, so yeah... most irrelevant route in my opinion.
  4. The has to be one of my favorite subway lines of all time. The is that one line that can literally go anywhere the feels like it. The can go to Forest Hills, Jamaica, To Broad/Chambers Street. It can go down West End, and it used to go down to Brooklyn like Coney Island back in the day, and it has gone into Euclid Av before. If the wanted to, they can send the down brighton instead of the to Prospect Park, or to do the Brighton express on weekends. More reccently, we've got the going up to 96 St, and now up CPW. I love how flexible the has become. Its not just a Myrtle Av Shuttle, but a line that can be used on every major B division trunk line when needed. No other train comes close.
  5. Shortage of buses. Its also the same reason why a OG can find its way on the B100 & B103. It happens.
  6. That's what I thought. I've seen people put QV on the same level of GH, KB, and YU. I lived in Lefrak City for years and the Q88 has always been good to me. I used to take the Q46 a lot in my past, and even the Q27. Queens Village routes are long, so those buses are put to work, yet I have always seen QV hold it down. Made me a little confused to see a few diss QV like that.
  7. So I was watching some Youtube and I stumbled upon a channel that all this dude does is talk bad about Queens Village Depot. I don't recall Queens Village being a bad depot. And I used to use QV routes a lot (Q46,Q88) and I always had a good impression of it. Is this dude trippin, or has QV been on the decline. This dude has a whole playlist of QV.
  8. Would it be a smart idea to Basically paint the current Cuomo buses (2016~2019) to Black and the Blue Stripe. I feel that white makes buses look older and dirtier (white is super easy to dirty). The new scheme buses could be painted Black and Blue so that #1 its still recognized as a newer bus. #2 Black paint can hide alot of the NY dirtyness. #3 its a simple paint scheme that only needs two colors. The only purpose that I see for the Cuomo scheme is to make the bus stand out as a new bus. But I think the MTA can make it work with a simpler paint scheme. At the end of the day, I love how the Cuomo Buses look, but I don't want to the MTA to blow millions on something as simple a uniform paintjob. And it dosen't have to be Black and Blue, but something that will make it stand out as a new bus.
  9. They are in a state that it is not reasonable for the MTA to fix them. Why fix a transmission or engine on a 15+ year old bus?
  10. Bus reliablity has improved big time. Realize that those are some of the oldest buses in the fleet. Who knows, maybe LGA got the worst of the 6500s. Or perhaps maybe JFK has the upper hand in maintenance. But LGA gets my respect, they were the last to run the 1996 RTS. Both depots had 1996, LGA ran them last. Today, both depots got 6500s, perhaps JFK will be the last one to run them.
  11. So when it comes to Lexington Av. Which method is the MTA looking at. Will they do the Express tracks first seeing as the and already have NTTs. Or will they do the Local tracks since the Express tracks are vital tracks and the could be dealt with easily (whether have it run on the Express or cut it back to 125 or 3 Av-138). Also, will they work on both sides at the same time or will they work on one direction (Bronx side first for ex.)? Either way, Lexington Av is a very delicate line and has to be worked on at specific times. Late Nights will be ideal, but the weekends can be crazy. Many rely on the to Yankee Stadium, and even on weekends, Lex is still quite busy. So this is going to be interesting to say the least. But, we will truly see what the MTA is truly made of. And how they will control (or lack of) this task.

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