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  1. Also, you are referring to the Old Gen hybrids or Next Gen Hybrids. (If it's the next gens I blame Gun Hill 🤣)
  2. They were built to last. They are "R32 built". Granted the R32s are here because of a fleet shortage and the premature scrapping of the R44s, but when those R32 trains outlive trains that came after it. That's incredible. The RTS is like the Toyota of buses. Mad reliable and top performers. I think that they'll outlive the D60s and the OLd Gen CNGs.
  3. Not impossible, MTA did it with that one old gen from JFK depot. But it would probably have to be for a smaller fleet b/c it would cost a lot to do it for all the old gens. IMO, if they were to convert Old gens, I would do the ones from MTA Bus. Those 2007s still got a few years left in them. I'd prefer that for a depot like LaGuardia or Baisley Park.
  4. Either way, the RTS is dying in Brooklyn. Weren't the very 1st RTS brought to Brooklyn?
  5. So is it gonna be like this? ENY 1st, then MJQ, then Jamaica, then Ulmer Park, then finally Flatbush. Also, how convenient that RTS will retire at Flatbush, and that's the bus on the Depot sticker.
  6. I don't know why, but every time I think about an RTS I think of Biggie Smalls. (Been in Brooklyn too long)
  7. The only thing with the is 145 Street. When the goes to Harlem, the R142s skip 145th. So how would they handle that?
  8. That's because the sucks @ss on the Express and in general. The and run faster than the . Its just that skips stops. The only true Express portion is Fulton. CPW is stop and Go.
  9. What's the Ghettoest Mall in all the land? My bets on Kings Plaza.
  10. Let that happen to a Q32 bus full of people. Then the will do something.
  11. I know its early to determine car assignments but what's more likely? The and get the new R262s. Or use the R262s on the busier Lexington Avenue lines and move the R142s/A from the to and ? I would prefer that the R262S go to Lexington so that the open gangways can be used to fit more people since Lexington is very busy. I would also put them on the aswell since it could share cars with the and since its the longest IRT route. And the Older tech trains work 7 Av.
  12. Besides RTS. I don't see the old gens as being old. These buses age very well. These buses dont look like old buses. RTSes look like they're old. But old gens nah. Guess the public considers old gens old.
  13. To be honest, I thought all the RTSes were going to end at MTA Bus in LaGuardia or JFK. LaGuardia especially because they always used to get buses that were about to retire. Like the 6500s from Fresh Pond. And LaGuardia has an extensive history of getting all the older RTSes before retirement. And were the last to run the 1996 RTS. It would be cool to see Jamaica Depot get the last RTSes because the RTSes in Queens (imo) were the best maintained ones. Now excluding MTA Bus, Queens Village and Jamaica took real good care of those buses, and mad fast too. Besides the RTS is the face of Jamaica and its legendary routes like the Q83 Q17 Q5 Q85 and ect.

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