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  1. Think they'll keep a 10 car set to do a farewell run? Of all the cars, The R32s deserve a farewell run the most. (Albeit prob in like 2 years from now).
  2. I remeber reading some where that some one burned the Intervale Av Station in the 80s or 90s. But this has to be the worst case of arson ever commited on the Subway. Rest In Piece to the T/0 and they should honor him in some way. When they rebuild that station they should make a plaqe of him. Or even rename the station after him. But he deserves to honored for his bravery. Rename the station 110 St - Goble.
  3. What ever happened to the Subway Conquistadors?
  4. You guys think that the is going to touch the rollsigns on the R68s/68As or leave em alone. Still don't know why they touched the ones on the R62As.
  5. Just for fun, I challenge you all to bus fan from the staircases of els. I tried it last summer and I like the angles and views. For ex: 4468 from 82 Street I'm always trying to find new views to switch it up. Anyone got other suggestions?
  6. What if the was to forced to stop trains from entering and leaving the Concourse Yard/Jerome Av yard for a serious repair. No trains coming out. How do you manage a shortage of cars to the . Concourse Yard has 276 R68s Jerome has 210 R142 and 220 R142A
  7. Well the Next Gens are perfect for Manhattanville because hybrids are good for stop and go traffic. But those 3rd Gens could've easily done their thing in Queens or Brooklyn. I doubt that they'll retire there anyway. Once they're closer to retirement, watch them send the 3rd Gens to Bus Co. Were all the old buses go before they die.
  8. Just want to here your thoughts. What buses do you rock with right now? As for now I only care about. 1. Nova LFS (2016s and 2019s) 2. XN40s and XN60s 3. 6500s and Old Gens. Everything else is meh or just there to me. Rest In Piece to the Real Buses of NY. RTS, Orion 5/CNG, Orion 7 CNG, D60s, 1999 C40LFs, and most MCI D4500 with the Detroit Diesels.
  9. I just like to refer to trains by their route and location. Astoria Line New Lots Line Brooklyn Queens Crosstown
  10. Why did that depot close anyway?
  11. What if the MTA got approved to make a new bus depot. Where would you build the depot and what routes would you run out of it.
  12. While you have a point about the other end of the swap, the train receiving the older trains is just that. Older trains do mean more breaking down and some confusion. But service is still the same. The with R62As are just as frequent as when the R142As were on the line. I can say that because I take the regularly to Cypress Av and train service is practically the same. Now as far the in Brooklyn and Astoria, I don't know. But I'm sure that with no delays, the would run close to what it was running, maybe a few minutes more. But not to the point where a line gets drastically worse.
  13. Thank You. We went from the worst system to a fully functioning system that has problems, but is doing way better than the 1980s. We don't have to worry about flickering lights, Lots of violence, very filthy, and unsafe conditions anymore. But Some LCD that don't work? Come on man. 90% of riders know where the train is going. Its either going to Astoria or to Brooklyn. If the LCDs are messed up. Look at the map, or better yet their damn phones and look where its going. These new rail fans (2010 and up) don't know how to act when they see a different car type on a line. Back in the days, most subway lines had more than one car type running on the same line. But now when a swap happens, they want to sue the MTA? Get out of here. A city as tough as New York, we made through the worst of the 70s and 80s. These new generations think they should have the latest and greatest, but fail to realize that in the 80s, you'd be lucky to ride a train that was clean ON THE INSIDE, not even the outside. If TEMPORARILY moving R46s to means better service (which will help way more people). Hell yeah the swap should happen. The same with the . The R142As to the (which is one of the most busiest lines) helps the Flushing Line run better. But all these kids see is that their Automated Announcements and Blue seats go away, and complain to MTA that the R46s are falling apart and that service is terrible. Falling apart? Did you forget the rusty brown roofs on the R38s, R40M/R42s. Did you forget the Frame rotting R44s. That's falling apart. Some R46s at there worst are dirty on the exterior with broken LCDs. But falling apart? My rant is over but damn man, this why I like the older members here because they keep it real and see things from the bigger picture. While younger fans lose their cool when a swap happens and nitpick literally everything. Let's see what ridiculous comments we'll hear next.🤦‍♂️
  14. Damn man, we got a punk ass society. New York had to deal with the 70s and 80s with graffiti, filthyness and neglect. Now in 2020, we got brothers raising hell over some LCD signs. You don't have to like the R46. But trust me people had Real complaints back in the day. Not nitpicking every malfunctioning LCD sign.
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