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  1. Can't believe it's been over two years since this set got delivered and started testing. It's about time it entered service!
  2. They really should've finished tiling the walls and installing the proper lights before opening. I hope those lights on the 72nd Street side are temporary because they don't match the rest of the station. Also, if anyone got one of the brochures, it incorrectly states that this station has USB ports. Anyways, here's a before and after video:
  3. My mistake. I meant 1923 in my original post.
  4. 1931-1927-1904-1952-1940 was transferred to Westchester to replace 1921-1922-1925 which was used for the SAP seatless test and moved to Livonia for Shuttle service. Why they didn't choose 1923 instead of 1904 is beyond me. 1901-1903, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1910 and 1903 remain at Corona for now.
  5. Some footage of 3050-53 in the Rockaways from this weekend:
  6. More footage of simulated stop testing. Little train race around 4:15 in the video:
  7. That surprised me too. I would've thought it would've been made similar to the R160's sign.
  8. Sign seems to be in (mostly) working order now lol.
  9. It seems that they are testing out new side signs to replace the original, deteriorating signs on the R142A/R188 fleet. Most of the converted R142A's signs are falling apart, so it's about time we saw them replace the signs entirely instead of slapping the LED circle/diamond fixture on top and calling it a day.
  10. Some of my shots, many shots are in DJ's video so most of it has probably already been seen, but if you want to see a race between a 160 and 179 it's at the end lol.
  11. Today it was on the Line... which ended up running via the to 179 lol.
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