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  1. 4438 and 4564 have returned to Grand Avenue Depot after being loaned to East New York Depot.
  2. It happened before Brooklyn and Queens acquired all of Bronx's 2012/13 XD60s.
  3. They could always swap the 2016/17 units with 2017/18/19 LFSAs from Quill and the 2012 units with 2011/12/13 LFSAs from Tuskegee.
  4. First, East New York receives 09 Hybrids from all over the city. Then, they send a handful to Fresh Pond. Now, they receive two more from Grand Avenue. Odd.
  5. You never know. They were able to repair 4137, 4619, 5299 (5252), 5477, 7442, 8017, 8609, and several other buses. It could take a couple of years...maybe longer.
  6. Along with 4065, 3994 is back at Fresh Pond. Bus is running on the Q58-LTD towards Ridgewood Terminal.
  7. Are there any updates on the remaining 5 2007 Hybrids at Fresh Pond Depot (6819, 6824-6825, 6834, 6836)? When was the last time each of them ran and have any been retired since?
  8. 4065 is back at Fresh Pond. Bus is running on the B13 towards Spring Creek.
  9. 448-490, 659-672 happen to be the buses that also do not have on-board screens installed. I wonder if it relates to that.
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