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  1. Which 2012 Novabus LFSA units remain at Flatbush right now?
  2. Was 5343 to Kingsbridge mentioned in the deliveries thread?
  3. Okay, okay. I made a mistake. Yes, it’s at Michael J. Quill. Thank you to the three people who corrected me. 6117: Mother Clara Hale ➡️ Michael J. Quill
  4. 6117 is back at Mother Clara Hale. It’s currently on the M34+ headed to Javits Center.
  5. Yep, that’s what I thought. Because they don’t use any 40 foot buses at all really on the route anymore.
  6. Great, #349 will definitely be listed in the next update.
  7. Should we take your word for it? Do you have any picture proof?

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