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  1. Oops, reported that in the wrong thread this morning.
  2. I don’t think we really need to state the current snow loans (at least not in this thread)... It’s obvious that 40 footers are being temporarily moved around to accommodate articulated route service.
  3. 4091, 4100: Flatbush ➡️ Fresh Pond 6554: Fresh Pond ➡️ SCRAP 5932: Kingsbridge ➡️ West Farms 348-351: West Farms ➡️ Jackie Gleason
  4. I’d say take two buses, cut off the rear in the first one and cut off the front in the second, then add the bendy part. 🤣
  5. 4050, 4068: Flatbush ➡️ Fresh Pond 4405: Gun Hill ➡️ Kingsbridge 6490, 6502, 6506, 6612, 6617, 6619, 6621: East New York ➡️ Fresh Pond
  6. Wasn’t that one reported? I have it on my personal list, not sure if it was mentioned here. BTW, keep an eye out for these JG units: 253, 255, 263, 354, 361, 367, 420, 424, 431, 434
  7. I found some issues with the B57 going towards Red Hook IKEA Terminal: • It doesn’t show when a B57 is short turning to W 9th Street (even if it’s coded on the destination sign). • All vehicles become un-trackable on all of Sands Street.
  8. True, but at least the suspect couldn’t escape. But totally, I agree with your point.
  9. A lot of Flatbush’s 2018 XD40’s have the “+selectbusservice” label removed in the front and back of the bus. They’re also receiving the standard fare decal on the front window and having the SBS one removed. My theory is that those buses will be in the aqua paint for quite a while but still be used on local buses. In the short term, all they really have to do is remove the “+selectbusservice” words and SBS fare sticker from the windows.
  10. Weird. I don’t see why Baisley Park couldn’t keep their bus while JFK could’ve given LaGuardia a bus instead. Whatever satisfies DOB I guess....
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