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  1. Maybe it will appear on YouTube eventually (if they even were filming).
  2. I totally agree @happy283. It's annoying to see transfers that have already been reported. It's equally annoying to see posts saying "already reported." 1) People should follow through the thread before posting any bus moves. 2) Stop saying how something has already been mentioned. It's only adding more posts.
  3. Why is FB getting rid of the newer XD60s only to receive the 2017 ones from MJQ?
  4. Wouldn't call this a transfer, but C40LF #252 is getting towed on its way to Grand Avenue Depot. Didn't look damaged.
  5. So I know how RTS-06 #5249 is preserved and added to the museum fleet, are they doing the same to #5241 or is that going to scrap?
  6. Is RTS-06 #4935 still active? It's not listed on the first page.
  7. Okay, now that is dramatic. No one belongs in prison. These were complaints from real people from lower class areas and the MTA AGREED to Scrap these buses to make everyone happy. It's not like MTA was forced to get rid of them, and either way, those buses were way too old, damaged and were falling apart. I'm not dismissing anyone's feelings, you're aloud to be sad that these buses are gone, even I am a little sad, but every bus goes through this and we just have to accept the fact that all buses will go through retirement eventually. Just be happy that you got to make good memories with these buses but you really have to move on and not live in the past.

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