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  1. I never really had a problem with any bus ads of any sort; Even the Museum of Sex ones. The wraps are the ones I find the coolest (especially the Bronx Zoo wraps). One of the few ads that drove me crazy were those Vim Vixen ads that were on buses in early 2018.
  2. 4070-4095 and 4245-4278 have different screens then all the other Next Generation buses. I don’t know what they’re called though. They look a lot like the ones that 7304-7314, 7316-7351 have.
  3. 4571 was on the B46 earlier today. Forgot to mention it. I don’t know if this is another loan or a transfer. Let’s see which route if runs on tomorrow.
  4. I am pumped for the B38 to start using articulated buses, but I can’t stop thinking how they will manage on Fulton Street. There’s already tons of bus chaos on that VERY NARROW street; with articulated buses, I can’t even imagine what kinds of accidents will happen. Is it possible for the B38/LTD to be slightly rerouted? Maybe it can go down the same street for the B41 and B45 for a little?
  5. Does any 2011 Novabus LFS (besides 8001) have screens of any sort installed? Also, the screens in 8001, are they the same as the screens in the 2015-2016 Novabus LFS?
  6. No problem! Looking forward for the B38 to use those nice artics!
  7. Um, that was already reported on this site. It doesn’t really need to be reported a second time just because TTMG updates their site.
  8. I saw it today on the B38 this past afternoon. I never knew it was out of service.
  9. It could have been 6790 and a prankster flipped over the 6. Especially since 6790 is doing a run on the B25 right this second.
  10. Looks like we won’t be seeing that bus in service again. Were you able to see if it got its farebox removed?
  11. 4529 has screens. Though they are completely off, the announcements are set up and they are pretty loud and accurate. 4452 has screens as well.
  12. 4075 still has the Bronx Zoo wrap that Gun Hill gave the bus. Saw it on the M104 a few minutes ago.
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s a loan, but at this point who knows. There has been tons of weird moves and transfers happening lately.

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