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  1. The Bronx has received various standard and articulated buses from various depots in Manhattan Division. Maybe the Bronx is sanitizing their buses.
  2. Can you post/tell us where to find the pictures?
  3. TTMG has 6617 and 6621 active and assigned to East New York Depot. Weren’t those units reported scrap? Also, 6619 isn’t on the roster but supposedly it’s a zombie at East New York Depot.
  4. Everyone is making such a big deal of the 2019 XD60’s being wrapped for Q70 LaGuardia Link service.... Geez, why is it such a problem? It looks nice.
  5. It worked! I was able to see it. The bus looks very nice in that wrap. I think it’s fair to expect 6274-6286 to be wrapped in the LaGuardia Link scheme for Q70 service. This probably also means that the current 40 foot Xcelsiors that are used on the Q70 will be unwrapped and placed back on local and limited routes to retire the 2004-2005 Orion VII Hybrids.
  6. Where are you getting your information from? The MTA is not shutting down... They even confirmed it on Twitter and said not to believe any of those false rumors. Smh... 🤦
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