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  1. here's the answer What is the importance of burn in testing? Burn-in tests allow detecting problem trends so as to prevent usage of reliability-critical components. Burn-in is the backbone of parts screening, the major vehicle to eliminate defective parts at the early phase of the product life and to ensure product reliability.
  2. Yes 21030 was tracking on the 139 out of the PABT around 6:15PM
  3. Who’s slated to receive these because I’ve been hearing rumors which I won’t believe until I actually see it happen
  4. Spring Creek Depot bus #587 involved in a multi vehicle accident on Avenue M & E 87th Street in Canarsie accident was carried on Citizen app shows front end damage to bus
  5. The portion of the 11A which serves Rockland County NY I don’t necessarily think would be greatly affected that much they can drive to the park & ride at palisades center mall and take Hudson Link to Tarrytown and catch Metro-North and the portion which runs in NJ they can use the 165 keep in mind that Rockland is also served by the west of Hudson which includes the Port Jervis & Pascack Valley lines
  6. Yes they do have trips on those routes not a stupid question at all what’s I find odd is the person or people making these decisions Fairview and others are in dire need of new articulated buses but they would send them to meadowlands inept if you asked me
  7. What livery is 20120-20145 in as per Cait Sith those are to be assigned to “private carriers“
  8. I don’t know how likely that is the excuses I get range from Oradell can’t have 45’ buses because “they can’t fit in the maintenance pit” first off who grand idea was it to select a location that was flood prone didn’t build a facility that wasn’t height restricted Oradell you can’t hoist anything in the air to do proper maintenance everything is done in the maintenance pit Trust me I’m tired of driving raggedy equipment seats with no cushion and he likes
  9. Not happening anytime soon NJT time line seems to point to 2025 the latest at the rate they’re going they might as well purchase a whole bunch of XD40’s with suburban seating and no rear door for Oradell and call it a day
  10. How much longer until shovels in the ground for RFP what’s the status
  11. No there’s really no truth to that NJ Transit has been and still is in a state of disrepair No matter how you look at it they continuously bleed their Capital Budget to cover the Operating budget Capital Projects that should have been completed years ago haven’t been finished because of this long standing practice with that being said I wonder how long it’s going to take to build the Ridgefield Park Bus Depot because not only is Oradell an antiquated facility it is on a toxic site
  12. The MTA policy is different Local and Limited stop Buses are free as Passengers are to board through the rear doors the fare box is in the front where you are not permitted Select Bus Service fare is enforced as payment is made prior to boarding at the curbside kiosk Express Buses the fare is enforced payable with metrocard as you board through the front door
  13. Ok so upon further research 100 U.S. 46 East is the address for the Hampton Inn hotel apparently that's what was discussed in executive session in regards to payments they state eminent domain my guess is that would only be used if the hotel operator refuses to give up the property
  14. although there's a vote no one has submitted bids as per the information posted on NJT website with regard to the "New Northern Bus Facility" a firm should have already been secured prior to a vote it should also be of note that they specifically used the wording pending funds availability which i find odd because if they didn't have the funds why would this even be put up for a vote
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