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  1. No there’s really no truth to that NJ Transit has been and still is in a state of disrepair No matter how you look at it they continuously bleed their Capital Budget to cover the Operating budget Capital Projects that should have been completed years ago haven’t been finished because of this long standing practice with that being said I wonder how long it’s going to take to build the Ridgefield Park Bus Depot because not only is Oradell an antiquated facility it is on a toxic site
  2. The MTA policy is different Local and Limited stop Buses are free as Passengers are to board through the rear doors the fare box is in the front where you are not permitted Select Bus Service fare is enforced as payment is made prior to boarding at the curbside kiosk Express Buses the fare is enforced payable with metrocard as you board through the front door
  3. Ok so upon further research 100 U.S. 46 East is the address for the Hampton Inn hotel apparently that's what was discussed in executive session in regards to payments they state eminent domain my guess is that would only be used if the hotel operator refuses to give up the property
  4. although there's a vote no one has submitted bids as per the information posted on NJT website with regard to the "New Northern Bus Facility" a firm should have already been secured prior to a vote it should also be of note that they specifically used the wording pending funds availability which i find odd because if they didn't have the funds why would this even be put up for a vote
  5. As per the Garage Manager Oradell will not be getting any new buses I don’t know where this phantom order of D4000CT you all speak of is coming from Oradell will be receiving 40 foot Buses from Wayne & Meadowlands it sounds like Meadowlands will become a fully 45 foot garage there is talk of them getting XD60’s Oradell will only get new buses when a suitable location is found and a garage is built this is just my presumption I could be wrong
  6. Big Tree Garage , Hilton Garage & Orange Garage are apart of the Central Division
  7. The 355 Isn’t assigned to Wayne Township Garage the 355 is assigned to Meadowlands Garage and 355/356 Ironbound Garage I don’t understand why Oradell Garage didn’t get any of that work being that it’s in Bergen County where the mall is located the union isn’t doing right by personnel
  8. And I’ve never gotten NJT idea of purchasing equipment for contracted operators before taking care of their own operation laughable
  9. Still waiting for Oradell to get new equipment I highly doubt MCI is making any more 40 footers that’s a whole different fabrication process and by now NJT would have placed that order all the people in Bergen county do is complain on social media about the raggedy buses that’s not helping their cause they need to put fire to Murphy’s ass or ask the folks on Staten Island what it took to get new equipment from the MTA
  10. Have you checked you Spam/Junk mail folders if you haven't that would be a great place to start if the correspondence isn't there i would give them a call
  11. I've heard numerous accounts that NICE is supposed to be headed back to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is there anyone else who have heard the same
  12. This is a step in the right direction modernizing the way fare media is collected eliminating jobs I don't agree with you need eyes and ears to be a deterrent and in case of an emergency who will customers/passengers immediately alert to an issue that has arisen
  13. I've worked in the Transportation Industry for a number of years now I came to New Jersey Transit with the notion that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and boy does that ring true the stigma that this is a world class agency to work for holds no weight they tout the hiring of 500 Bus Operator but of the 500 how many have quit they do nothing to retain talent they force bus operators into garages that are geographically inconvenient and then request that they attach a letter along with the request stating or should i say begging like a desperado on why they need the transfer management is a joke you call phone numbers and get no answer as if they're busy which they are not even worse you leave a voicemail message and get no reply Phil Murphy is no savior and Keven Corbett is a joke they ran Veronique Hakim out for reasons unknown with yesterdays incident on 495 they dropped the ball if the riding public thought they would get alerts don't feel bad the employee notification system is a joke i never received an alert the agency is broken beyond repair the New York Times needs to do an investigative report which I'm sure would be blistering and scathing
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