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  1. What if Manhattan Bridge had collapsed?
  2. What if MTA Built the Line extending to Little Neck Pkwy?
  3. What if a small meteorite size of a soccer strikes 30th Avenue Station in Astoria?
  4. That is R160 not R179 on the , Just like @Jemorie said only the Trains use R179s.
  5. Jamaica won't be getting R160s anytime soon, more and more R46s are moving into Jamaica from Pitkin.
  6. how would NYC Subways look like now, if 9/11 never happened?
  7. What if NYC Subway is Completely Shutdown for Overhaul?
  8. Best option is to creat LGA running from Queens Plaza (Newly Constructed Queens Central like what Webeo Transportation did) via BQE and GCE to LaGuardia Airport and From Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Ave to LGA Airport.
  9. Also 86th Street doesn't have crossovers or crossunders.
  10. Those Politicians R Mad Crazy and Corrupted Lobbyist Bureaucratic Scums.

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