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  1. Yes, R179s are expected to replace all R42s.
  2. I Reported You to the Admin for Cyberbullying and Harrasment!
  3. It would be Awesome for Astoria Line to have CBTC Because Trains in Astoria Line are Slow AF.
  4. They're both Same S***! Cuomo is not even a Real Democrat but a Closeted Republican.
  5. This is Unbelievable, Smh! Cuomo, CEO of MTA and all Corrupted Lobbyist Albany Officials are the ones needs to be resigned.
  6. It is a Swap due to a Testing for the QBL CBTC, They might Re-Swap it back when R211s are on Service or Testing on QBL CBTC Fails.
  7. What if Elevated are Closed for Demolition and Reconstruction due to Crumbling Elevated Lines?
  8. You're Right, Buses are Better than Trains.
  9. Yes, That means Broadway will have Last Pre-NTTs Train when CBTC in 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue are Complete. R211s will came in Q3-Q4 2020
  10. What if Co-Op City had Subway Lines and ?
  11. I Can't Wait for them and R46s to be Retired, I Love the R211s
  12. are R179s replacing all R32s? because I Want all R32s Scrapped as well.
  13. Like I Said Before, Those were confirmed is to be CBTC testing two weeks ago. Not a transfer, yet until CBTC Testing is Passed and Completed.
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