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  1. It is Random Thoughts topic, I Have a Right to ask questions
  2. How would New York City overall in general (Besides Subways) would have look like now, if 9/11 never happened?
  3. Go Look at Chambers St on the and Line, i never been cleaning and it never was modernized until now it started. there were stations that were being modernized and rehabbing before 9/11, I Know SAS was not completed before 9/11 but it was planned before 9/11. Where is a Evidence of the changes that the subway system as a whole underwent since 2001? Dude, I Have nothing against you and I Respect your Opinion.
  4. I Would Extend the and to Floral Park and to Bayside and Little Neck. underneath Fordham Rd to Co-Op City underneath E Gun Hill Rd to Co-Op City and extension to Laureton Extension to Co-Op City underneath a new tunnel between Manhattan and Bronx, Third Avenue and E Gun Hill Rd.
  5. if R179s is still experiencing problems, why don't they retire them and stop the productions of R179s.
  6. this is very irrelevant what you are saying, @bobtehpanda is Right, "SAS had the study initiated in the '90s. The "new" post 9/11 stuff was New South Ferry and Fulton St." Track Cleanings had Existed long before 9/11. also Hudson Yards Extension was built for the NYC Candidacy for 2012 Olympic Games but it didn't took place at all in NYC. Without 9/11, SAS will still be built and it would be same like it is now, 95% of NYC subways would still look the same how it is now. 9/11 had only effect is Cortlandt St, South Ferry and Fulton St, Mostly Downtown Manhattan.
  7. Exactly, NSF and Fulton St. Hub was a 9/11 Recovery Effort, Without 9/11 there would be No New South Ferry nor perhaps Fulton St. Hub, the SAS and Hudson Yards would still be built. NYC Subways would look the Same but except the South Ferry, Cortlandt St and Fulton St.
  8. is the most Longest ride ever, Anyways I'm Happy to see some one agreeing some of my ideas and disagreeing with some of my idea. I respect your Opinions, should e streched from Rockaway Park - Beach 116th St to Far Rockaway - Mott Ave. Also there was a Plane Pre-WW2 and post-WW2 to extend Astoria Line to East of Corona Park underneath Long Island Expressway that time it wasn't a highway, I Prefer not building a Subway underneath a Highway. If Any rout originating from Whitestone should go to Manhattan, then I Would extend the train to Whitestone and eliminating the to Just Corona. For and Trains, There were Plans to Extend the Line underneath Jewel Avenue, but i prefer to extend underneath Union Turnpike. For , There were plans as well to Extend to Hollis or Floral Park.
  9. Guys, I have a New Idea I Prefer and to be extended underneath Union Turnpike to Floral Park - Langdale St. to be extended to Co-Op City via Gun Hill Road. to be extended underneath Tremont Ave, Eastchester Rd, then into Gun Hill Rd to Co-Op City. to be extended to Floral Park - Little Neck Pkwy. from Hanover Sq to Throgs Neck - Lawton Ave via 2nd Ave, Avenue C, 2nd Ave, Third Ave, Longwood Ave, Lafayette Ave and to E Tremont Ave. from Hanover Sq to Rockaway Park - Beach 116th St via 2nd Ave, Avenue C, 2nd Ave, 63rd St Tunnel, Newly Built Queens Superexpress (Underneath LIRR Line) and Former LIRR Rockaway Branch from WTC to Rockaway Park - Beach 116th St. via QBL and Former LIRR Rockaway Branch (Rego Park to Ozone Park), to Little Neck - Little Neck Pkwy via New Elevated line north of Ditmars Blvd then turn towards 19th Ave, New Tunnel Portal between 45th Street and Hazen St, Ditmars Blvd at Jackson Heights/Corona, underneath Flushing/Corona Park into Booth Memorial Ave, 64th Ave and 60th Ave. to Co-Op City via Third Ave and Gun Hill Rd. from Staten Island to College Point. Train from Fort Hamilton - 92nd Street to Whitestone - 150th Street via New the Flushing Trunk Line underneath Sunnyside Yards and Northern Blvd then turn into 154th St at Flushing. from Broad St to Rosedale - Hook Creek Blvd. to run 24/7 Hours except weekends and late nights from from Chambers St. to Rosedale - Hook Creek Blvd.
  10. so without 9/11, there wouldn't be no "New" South Ferry and the New SAS Stations?? In my scenario, I Think there would still be SAS and but no New South Ferry since New South Ferry was part of recovery effort for 9/11. SAS and to Hudson Yards has nothing to do with 9/11 at all, it was planned and constructed long before 9/11 but it came to a halt due to fiscal crisis during 1970's. SAS would still be built anyways even without 9/11 and also Hurricane Sandy has nothing to do with 9/11. Also there would still be ESI as well even without 9/11.
  11. I thought, it would look the Same except the Cortlandt St it would look dirtier and less modern looking.

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