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  1. wait, you go to Hills?

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    2. error46146


      Lmao Wolin is gone?? Wow I had him for gym senior year.. The awkward moment when he calls you out to put the garbage in the garbage rofl


      The freshman are always annoying.. My senior year I had 1-8 with 2 lunch pds cause I had to take art 7th.. With a whole load of freshmen lolol.. Those freshmen are now juniors

    3. error46146


      I was zoned for hills lol no special program.. I did take law my sophomore year but I dropped it

    4. IntExp


      Yep, Wolin is gone. Exactly, right...that moment when turns into a garbage dude! Yeah, I'm a junior now, but I wasn't in Hills for my Freshmen year...I switched to FHHS for Sophomore year.



  2. i see you took my advice and my (X) bullet lmao

    1. error46146


      i have a nicer one if you want without the black border


    1. B3 Via Av U
    2. error46146


      idk lol i was bored

  4. nice job lol but welcome back i guess no wonder why i havent seen you around

  5. Sure, you can use the G train photo on your site. For the credit you can just put "Bill T."


    As for a story, don't really have any 'story' behind the photo; I was on my way to Bed-stuy and decided to snap a nice photo of the G train coming in. The end lol


    It always makes me happy to hear that people appreciate my photos and are willing to spread it around so more people can see and enjoy; that's why I go out and do this in the first place :) :)

  6. lol thanks! that video is kinda old, i might make a new one sometime in the future

  7. I don't know who that is lol

  8. No the R160 Alstom is not released yet, I will try to have it out asap once I get a good elevated running noise.

  9. thanks for the announcements! they'll come in handy someday lol

    btw if you notice on the M train 63rd Drive is mentioned as a transfer point (Q72 to LGA) they didnt do that on the E F R or V programs

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