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  1. Apparently two more trees fell on the Brighton. All (Q)s are on Sea Beach for now.
  2. I'm not sure that was the case in the 80s.
  3. Yes. The better the system looks, the more people will ride it.
  4. That part was taken off the table, overnight lower Broadway service remains as it is now.
  5. Here's what gonna happen. Both will squabble, fight and slander one another for a while. Then both will come to an agreement and John and Jane Subscriber gets a nice bill increase. I think it might depend on if you have a HD box or not. You're not missing much, the 1000s are mainly SD feeds of sports networks.
  6. Chalk it up to laziness. The same situation exists with the stopping at Alabama Avenue, while maps say it doesn't.
  7. Supposedly, the new union head is strongly opposed to merging the two.
  8. They'd buy Prunes if they had the Apple logo on it.
  9. Thanks for looking and convincing me to post them here. Here's why. Noted. I've tried that before with mixed results, but I'll give it another go. I'm not liable if they kick you out for using too much ink. Thanks.
  10. As for the slowest, the hands down. The entire Nassau Street Line comes in second. I agree with everyone else that the (and whenever the runs local) is a fast one, especially if the timing into 42nd Street is right. Not excruciatingly, but it gets annoying northbound. Southbound, is the complete opposite with nice quick hops between stations.
  11. Adobe Illustrator. And thanks! Glad you like it.
  12. For a while, I've been working on several map projects. For those of you who visit SubChat, you might have seen it already. And those of you here, you may have had a look at a couple of strip maps I've posted here in the galleries. I've held out on posting these here until I have something resembling a complete product. Click the image to download the respective map: (all PDFs) This map below depicts service as it is now, in the present. Click here for the companion service guide This map depicts future service if the service reductions are approved and enacted. Hope you guys like them.
  13. Only students who live outside city limits pay tuition. City residents attend public schools (including charter schools) free of charge. The idea was to get rid of this problem entirely with a 24/7 pass.
  14. Sounds like a lot when you can just simply type it in and get times for any station.
  15. Technically, out of state students are supposed to pay tuition. Maybe there's a fake address involved. But that's another matter. At the very least, student passes need to be deeply discounted, if not free. What should be done is to sell an unlimited student pass that works the entire year and is valid 24/7. That way, you don't have kids getting fined for using cards on holidays or getting stranded after three trips.
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