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  1. 11x17 is column size. Here is another PDF for guidance. Commuter Rail Version
  2. I feel like it's wider than legal. Copy the dimensions from this PDF.
  3. We gave white people a chance to use it. I'm leaving it at that.
  4. If a route is required to be on detour, is there a set policy on where customers can board or alight in the detour area?
  5. A unified Regional Bus means streamlining of management, operations and less people to pay. Therefore, it can't happen.
  6. NX, for you: And for Amtrak7: As for GO posters, I'm working on it.
  7. It works pretty well for my relatives. Calls are crystal clear. I should note that they are using this in Trinidad.
  8. I dunno if there is a demand for this, but here's my contribution to the sign making community. This is an example. Just tell me what you want it to say, and I'll make it. A few guidelines: If you want specific words highlighted in blue, let me know which ones. Super long messages will be shortened or rejected. Let me know if you want a wall ad (square) or a overhead ad (rectangle). And that's it. Fire away!
  9. Of what? Air? That's the only thing fitting through that narrow leaf.
  10. That intro they play for him is kinda catchy. Admit it.
  11. If this was posted already in the LIB megathread, apologies, but I saw the clusterfsck at the end and went back to the index. Nassau: Private company to run LI Bus By ALFONSO A. CASTILLO alfonso.castillo@newsday.com Newsday Article (Requires subscription to a Cablevision service or Newsday) Nassau County officials say they will turn over Long Island Bus to a private operator and end their relationship with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which has run the financially beleaguered county bus system for nearly four decades. The announcement came as County Executive Edward Mangano Wednesday outlined cost-cutting measures that include slashing the county's annual contribution to LI Bus by more than half, from $9.1 million to $4.1 million. Mangano spokesman Brian Nevin said the cut is an indication of the county's plan to privatize its bus operation. Nassau will receive "best final offers" from three bidders on Monday and will choose from them over the next few weeks, he said. "The county has decided that funding the MTA's bloated bureaucracy is simply unaffordable for taxpayers," said Nevin, adding that the county's goal is to turn over its bus system to a company that can offer better service and be more efficient than the MTA. The county must give the MTA 60 days' notice before ending its agreement with the transit agency. Nevin said the county will request a date to meet with the MTA to discuss the matter. "The bus system belongs to Nassau County and we respect the county's decision to privatize the system," MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin said. Earlier this month, the MTA announced plans to eliminate more than half of LI Bus' 48 lines, blaming inadequate funding of the system's $140-million annual budget from Nassau. The proposed cuts to 27 routes would affect about 16,000 of LI Bus' 100,000 daily riders, and come less than a year after the MTA axed 11 lines. Advocates for maintaining the MTA's operation of LI Bus have said it is unlikely a private company will be able to offer comparable service for less money. But Nevin said one private bidder has said his company would need just $2.1 million to run the county's system. The county owns the fleet of about 300 buses. Nevin said it is unclear whether privatization would result in fare hikes or service cuts. The base fare now is $2.25. Because it is not known when a private operator would take over LI Bus, MTA officials said they still plan to hold a public hearing Wednesday at Hofstra University about the proposed service reductions, which would take effect in the summer. Ryan Lynch, spokesman for the nonprofit Tri-State Transportation Campaign, said he worries about the lack of accountability by a private operator, which could hike fares, cut service and compromise safety without the checks and balances of the MTA. ----
  12. Click the image to view the daytime version. Nighttime Version | Service Guide And coming in June:
  13. I don't mean that, I have those fonts already. I meant the bullets like: ( and so on.
  14. Does anyone have the subway bullet font? I forgot to transfer it from my old PC with the rest of my stuff.
  15. That was his entire argument. Childish fights like that are why I stopped editing.
  16. If you missed the train You'll find that you've missed the slowest way to Harlem
  17. Oh yeah, I forgot the world begins and ends in Manhattan. My bad. My commute takes me nowhere near Manhattan. And anytime I am in the city, it's usually outside rush hour. And even if my travels took me into Manhattan, the point was to illustrate that dealing with Manhattan traffic is (or getting pretty close to) better than riding a train crawling at 10 MPH. People complain about the trains being slow now, you just wait...
  18. If they keep up with these shenanigans, I'm gonna start driving.
  19. May I have two R160 signs: OZONE PARK LEFFERTS BLVD 8 AV LOCAL FULTON ST LCL FLATBUSH AV 2 AV LOCAL UTICA AV LCL Customizations on both: Color: Standard Orange Flipdot: No flipdot If possible, I don't want any borough designations displayed with the terminals: Bklyn, Qns, etc.
  20. I'd have to agree with Lupe Jr, err, I mean Leroy. Boys and Girls High is where dreams (and futures) go to die. As for the line with the most civilized riders, it's not on the subway. That honor goes to Metro-North.
  21. They changed the walls to gray and nixed the late evening discounts after new management came in. I guess that was a sign.
  22. A few RTSs that came in around early 2000 have TwinVision LeDot signs installed, a bit of a hybrid between flipdot and the brightness of LED. Before the advent of orange LEDs, these signs were one of the few places to see extended readings (along the likes of "B41 via FLATBUSH"). They were also installed on the Vikings.
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