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  1. There's a long list of reasons why: 1405-1525 have the Cummins L10G engine, as heard here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy7FTe5MqF4Cait Sith's video 1526-1633 have the Detroit Diesel Series 50G engine, as heard here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viTSYwT0oCcCait Sith's video Note how this bus sounds like a MTA Bus Company Orion V CNG, they're very similar, the gear ratios (transmission) are set up a little bit different. Finally 1634-1699 have the Detroit Diesel Series 50G engine (with the exception of two having the John Deere 6081H engine), as heard here. Spectacular66's video Note how 1693 sounds like a VII CNG 7560-7684 from NYCTA, they're set up almost exactly the same way. There are only 17 Cummins L10G powered V CNG's from LIB though, as they have acquired the VII NG CNG's. Hope this helps out a bit!
  2. Thanks! That day I walked a huge portion of Route 7.
  3. Check out the pimped out Ice Cream truck LOL!
  4. I am not sure as to why, on friday they had 4426 on the Bx12 +Select! I have no idea, he was pushing that 4075 hard though! That bus flies.
  5. It took me a while to guess the code, then I put 2 and 2 together LOL! Thanks! You can run but you can't hide!! Jk Thanks Deme! Thanks
  6. These photos are of craptastic quality since I forgot the battery to the camera that day. Forgive me, for I have sinned!
  7. Thanks guys! Pelham Parkway and Eastchester Road.
  8. I have no idea why the M103 went on this avenue, it caught me completely off gaurd!
  9. That random MCI came out of nowhere right by my apartment! Sounded good, it uses a 8V71 or 8V92 I am not sure.
  10. Thanks a lot guys! 6020 really doesn't belong in West Farms at all IMO.
  11. 6020 is a West Farms bus that came back from the dead and went straight to West Farms, only thing done to it was the stripping of ads.
  12. Don't let this bull piss you off man keep your cool there's a bunch of idiots on the web lol, I can't stand the drama so I ignore it. It's all good! Don't let the internets get to you man, I have learned that the hard way.

  13. The Bx12 isn't fully D60HF, as we only have 31 LFSA and it takes a couple of more artics to handle the SBS I believe, which is why you still see them in service on the Bx12 especially since the summer is coming, so for the M15 I'm sure a couple of D60HF's will stay on there, for now.
  14. Like I said I'm good with buses lmao! I tried to get a good action blur there, fail! Thanks! Blurry, or bad settings on camera. Thanks, I tried! It's a sniper! Jk Yeah this is a pretty old shot but 107 was on the Bx14 that day. I'm just honest!
  15. I see Artics on any GH route, except the Bx14 pop up, I caught 5352 with my cell phone today. Some are even on the Bx16!
  16. Old photos, but I thought someone may be interested in them. The second and third photo, that bus had a 8V71 engine, I wish I had time to take a video of that...
  17. Yeah I should stick to buses! Lmao... EDIT: Sorry about the photo size, these we're back when I uploaded in 1024x768..
  18. I love how people play me because of what website I submit my photographs to. . .
  19. Yeah people are getting away with murder these days. . .
  20. It's not his fault if people can't handle criticism!
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