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  1. Ohh yes they did! 5499 used to have a low rear suspension, that's fixed. 5400 sounded old, but then II made it sound new, but now it whines 1 month after being II'd. 5414 is fixed, I remember hearing screeching belts from this bus and that roar sound, but it's fixed. 6115 was the biggest fix from Gun Hill Depot IMO. It used to whine loudly (sounded cool) but the engine seems brand new and faster too! Also it has a blue stripe at the back, but the black part is now white, all that's there is 6115, no MTA logo or NYC Bus decal. 9846 had it's hood open at Jamaica, but not for tune ups, they seemed to have opened it for better air flow to cool it off. Pretty cool IMO. KB really don't take care of buses much, expect the Hybrids to become Hycrap pretty quickly. WHY DON'T THEY FIX THE ANNOYING SCREECHING BELTS?!!?!? (Or any depot for that matter). I've also seen 3714, it idles much higher than any other hybrid I've ever heard, and just like many of the Hybrids with LED, it sounded really good. It whistled like a 2003 D60HF at higher RPM's. It's funny how 7700 was recently (VERY recently) repowered and now it has a death tick. Alot of Orion VII CNG's are ticking, although I don't like this bus anymore (performance wise, half the time sounds good and always looks good), it is not helping that they are ticking like a taser. 120,000 miles and I can name some off the top of the head (4 tickers today). 7700, 7800, 7753, & 7766. There's more, it seems as though the Allison B500R ones don't tick at all, and are more reliable. Not one broke down on me or ticked (that I've seen) but lots of them whine, I love the sound (especially 7663).
  2. Thanks for the info! I never seen 680 in my life so I thought it didn't exist. 5080 RTS with a ZF transmission was in the Bronx, how odd is that? It was NIS most likely, since the driver was driving REALLY fast (5th gear still flooring it, also was empty), too fast for a bus driver going through Training (they're usually terribly slow). I wish I could find my camera though, I think I lost it on the bus or something. :eek:
  3. 6696 is now in West Farms Depot parked. Also by Monsignor High School near a new Home Depot, there is always 2-6 Hybrids parked across the street from it.
  4. ALL buses roar every now and then, but it's a rarity in the RTS (other than the normal roar it's supposed to make). It's most common on the D60HF's. Yes even the newer Hybrids roared past me a few times. Don't worry it's completely normal.
  5. Orion


    OMG do you have clones? Man, you're everywhere!
  6. I see... I found out about 291-294. They used to be S50 EGR and now they're normal S50's. They don't have B400R ATEC though, they got Allison HTB-748.
  7. Orion


    I find the LFS to be very nice looking, I can imagine it in MTA Bus Company with the paint job already! Hope there is a LFS CNG! I will be in love. :eek: Trevor Logan's Photos.
  8. 6707 Orion VII HEV from Amsterdam (or was it Baisley Park, too far to see) Depot was seen in the same areas as the C40LF's. I see all these buses with other MTA workers in them usually. Also Orion V CNG was seen by Stevenson High School, the sign at the back was stuck to Q65. It also had a whine from the turbo, but I forgot the number. MTA is really confusing me. And MTA Bus hotline will be changed into NYCT hotline IIRC, NYCT must be taking over.
  9. Orion


    I have only seen one on 124st in Manhattan. It sounds and looks so awesome!
  10. Green Lines Orion V 5.501.
  11. Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Throgs Neck = below the 6 train near/at Tremont Avenue. Lafayette is the road the Bx5 runs on, it's like 2-3 blocks below Bruckner. The C40LF always turn on Lafayette and White Plains and go to Bruckner. Also C40LF can be seen at Harding Avenue and Pennyfield and Tremont Avenue (check the end of the Bx40 route). Most of the time it's NIS buses, and sometimes it's Training buses.
  13. 6712 Orion VII HEV in West Farms Depot with Baisley Park sticker. 6731 Orion VII HEV in Lafayette Avenue @ 2:48PM Weekdays. 875 New Flyer C40LF CNG in Throggs Neck 911 New Flyer C40LF in West Farms Depot + Throggs Neck + Lafayette Avenue 912 New Flyer C40LF in West Farms Depot + Throggs Neck + Lafayette Avenue What are these buses doing here? 291,292,293,294 Orion V's, why don't they have S50 EGR? From 100-316 is all EGR except these. They also seem to have a different transmission and the sound the Orion VII CNG with ZF transmission makes when shifting to 4th gear (not all of them on the 7.501 is audible). Why is this? 416,444 Orion V's, why do they have S50 EGR when 400-580 and 610-679 all normal S50 (usually with screeching belts). 6097 and 6128 also have S50 EGR Muffler tips but that's not really much of a problem to me... Anyone knows what is going on??
  14. Happy Birthday!

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