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  1. Good luck to those taking the exam. I'd be curious to hear about what the training is like and how the job compares to tower operators at NYCT, so keep us updated. Also, PSCC, is that sort of an equivalent to the NYCT RCC or the RTC for Metro-North?
  2. Thanks. That's exactly how it happened. Good to know for anyone else who may be getting called soon. In my case, the TVB won't allow me the option to pay it. The judge said that the officer must be present to give an account of whether or not an accident took place (failure to yield), which it didn't. I may see if an attorney can help move it along sooner than the November hearing date.
  3. For anyone who's been down to 180 Livingston recently. Do they hold pending traffic tickets against you for Train Operator? I know it's been mentioned in some bus operator threads, but not here. I was just called for T/O and I have a hearing in November for a failure to yield to a vehicle. I plead guilty, but am told the officer must still be present, hence the hearing date.
  4. Knowing that you're brand new, no one will be expecting miracles. You will become faster over time without compromising safety, especially when you become familiar with the characteristics of certain lines and yards. Remember you're posting with people who have picked up many bad habits and become complacent over the years. If you split a switch, derail, collide, miss a handbrake, or get to your first stop and doors won't open because you never checked them, you'll be going downtown to face severe penalties. You may also be taking a handswitchmen, tower op or c/r down with you. Do your job the way you're supposed to do it. You here someone telling you about all the stuff they don't do, tell yourself that you're going to do it anyway because it's how you were trained and put them out of your mind.
  5. I'd recommend a large backback, some prefer a gym bag, but be advised that's it's a lot of weight. There will be three large books including the Rulebook and bulletins and a smaller book for new tech equipment. You may also want to keep a folded up Duane Reade or large shopping bag for the day you are issued the radio (with associated gear in a box) and Escape Mask. Be prepared to carry all of this with you everyday. You should clear a bookshelf in your house for ALL of the books and manuals that you are issued. Some items like the Rulebook you will continue to carry after schoolcar, but others you will not have to. You must make sure you don't lose any of it though, because you will need to give it back if you promote, retire, resign, or otherwise leave the job and I understand that there is a costly fine for not having them.
  6. I've gotten the same reaction some times as well, don't feel singled out. Even those of us with the same red/blue U passes aren't supposed to be buzzed in or let thru the gate at subway stations even when a pass isn't working properly. We're supposed to dip the U pass even on TA buses, not flash. I understand B/Os and S/As need to follow their rules and will never get an argument from me, but I can't understand when they do it with an attitude towards fellow employees from their agency or related ones. We're basically alone down here and when a fellow MTA person boards your bus, train, or enters your station you should be glad to have them around.
  7. This isn't entirely clear what you're saying. The job you were assigned and fell to the board on, reports at Woodlawn 0408. You get there and see that you're in a job with a 0555 report? Sounds like the job at 0555 you picked up from the board. Always get a name when you call the crew office, but if you were assigned that job reporting at 0408 on the sheets, you're entitled to board time since that was the report time of the original job they gave you. Try calling them back.
  8. But the went to Astoria! . . . watch your line up.
  9. Just a guess, but if he was posting, the trainer probably suggested that it takes too much time to take a full service, punch, and then release. So instead, said to just reach over and punch with one hand while holding the MC with the other. But since it dumped, it wasted even more time.
  10. You should take the next T/O or B/O exam when they're offered while continuing school and/or whatever other jobs you'll work in the mean time. Definitely look into interning at an MTA agency. You could look for colleges which offer Engineering or areas specific to the mass transportation field. Then when you're called off the list you'll have a good job available which you can take or not depending on your circumstances at that time.
  11. Best thing you can do hearing about these incidents is to learn from them. That's why new C/Rs . . if you don't know the T/O that you're working with, you may need to do more than take the we're good from them, that means by either observing from your position (if visible) or by walking to a point where you can see, with certainty, that all doors are abreast of the platform. That is serious business and don't let anyone scare you into opening if you're not sure. Passengers will exit your train from any car, any door panel, at any time of day regardless of where the stairs are located.
  12. Sure. The C/R is around 5:20 basically looking like he's investigating a door problem. Although I'm guessing some liberties were taken with this since that's not how quite how it's done today and probably not then either (not w/ doors open). Part 3 had a scene where they show schoolcar & some training towards the end.
  13. There are definitely other anomalies around. There's an exit at 42/8 directly into the Port Authority Bus Terminal which is locked late nights on the PA side, but nothing stopping you from exiting the turnstiles. I saw it happen to a group once and they used the emergency exit gate to re-enter and find another way out. Changing the signs likely won't help much, at Cortlandt St on the R there are always passengers walking towards the closed exit at the south end despite all the signs indicating Mon-Fri 6am-9pm. But at least you won't get trapped at that one. Also, at Jay St-Metrotech on the R there is an Exit-Only escalator which transferees have lost their fare with since there is no way back into the station or to the IND platforms from there. The only ethics question is the emergency stop button on the escalator.
  14. For C/Rs, I believe the patch was worn in the same fashion that it is today, on the sleeve. At least it was in that 1970 promotional vid on the MTA YouTube channel. The C/R in Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 wore the same uniform. That logo was certainly on the hat badge which you can buy at the TM.
  15. This is very important information that anyone who is just coming out or posting needs to know. I'm sure a lot of people have been short changed while posting because they simply didn't know how to claim the OT, thought it was automatic, or the dispatcher and their instructors didn't explain it to them. But this is your money, make sure you get it and don't work for free!!
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