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  1. Are at least half of trains R179,s?
  2. .wow an took a wrong lineup! How did that happen? Shouldn’t the train operators first check with RCC to see if they should take the lineup? What happened today at 96th st on 7th ave. Don’t tell me a switch problem halted service on all 3 lines. Sounds more like a signal problem .
  3. Afterwards I saw a R46 then I took a R32 back One stop to my station. Then I saw I think 2 more R179 and 1 or 2 more 179 plus a NIS R46
  4. I did a little railfanning now . So far I’ve I see 3 and 1 all of which was R179
  5. I went today from Nostrand to 168 on today. I saw Around 5 or 6 R179 trains and 1 .
  6. On all trains? So can we see all 179,s back this week ?
  7. A lot of brakes activated today. Three trains were activated northbound at Fulton st today . After the second they just copied and pasted the first email . Then they corrected it to say that some southbound and would terminate at Brooklyn Bridge to provide service north. Why did they have to investigate every train that went BIE there. Can’t they assume the same reason activated all three brakes?
  8. I went today to Jay St Metrotech to see if any R179,,s would show up. I didn’t see any... Are they going to announce when they start running again ?
  9. Even though MTA says via it looks like “some” trains are running regular from Brooklyn and terminating at Times Square. It seems like train service south of 96 is extremely limited. EDIT: looks like the south section is every 10 min. trains on the south side every 15 min. is actually normal headways it seems
  10. According to subway time 2 trains will go to Stillwell via Culver soon.
  11. Does anyone know why can’t dispatch hold trains in stations when no other trains are behind it in a situation where one is right ahead. Like for example The other day I was on and we were held between Wall and Fulton St for 10 min due to an earlier incident on a train. (We also we’re delayed between Clark and Wall Street for a little) . The next train didn’t arrive for another 5 min after my train . I mean what’s the point of trapping people in a tunnel for 10 min for no reason .
  12. One of the problems is they hold trains there for a minute or 2 when according to subwaytime it’s not necessary at all! If they must they should ask the train operator who they are BEFORE they get to the homeball so as not to delay the train. This also happened a lot on the and by 36th st when they were doing the work on the express tracks especally southbound There was one time where a was stopped for maybe 3 min before . Is that really necessary when it didn’t even have to merge with the ?? This seems like it’s not as much of an issue on the number lines however on Saturday night on the and we sat for about 2 minutes south of 145 with a . Neither train moved and then it was decided that should go thank g-d. But these things can be easily avoided with better dispatch.
  13. Does anyone know if any phone carriers works in the tunnels . I just signed up for a Verizon company and was wondering.
  14. Exactly . Really the shouldn’t run in Brooklyn (and the should take its place till new lots). but if they insist do what you said.
  15. I didn’t know it was that bad. The turning at Atlantic is acceptable only if it relays on express track and everything else is via local.
  16. Are you sure? Can the come in on lower level (LOCAL track) then leave again without impacting and ? It would be a hard operation but it’s better then terminating at Atlantic. If it affects and then your right but otherwise it’s not so bad if they make announcements in the station to let people know what’s going on .Another option is to terminate at Brooklyn Museum but that Dosent really make sense. The best thing was to just run to/from new lots local In Brooklyn and suspend the . The crossing move at Atlantic during rush is a problem cause it requires the express to be clear of trains which is tough during rush.amd also the spur track has to be clear.could be it takes time to reverse cause then it needs both express and local to be clear. If the spur track is not clear then the (N/B) 3 cannot move. Sounds to me like Utica is better if it Dosent impact the and . I still don’t know why and trains were really heavily delayed but it really shouldn’t happen.
  17. Right I know . But I think they can do better .
  18. Sometimes I really feel dispach can do a better job handling different situations.like yesterday with the Fulton st. There is NO point in terminating the at Atlantic. Especially during rush. This causes and trains to be held up waiting for the to relay. If they really want a in Brooklyn just have a shuttle to Utica and back and let the and (and ) run around the relaying . I know it’s very not normal for RCC to do an operation like this but it’s the only choice. and riders should have near normal service.( just some extra crowds maybe).i know it’s very sad what happened with the 2 year old. But you still have to maintain the railroad.
  19. I’m so sorry to hear about this. Very sad. I want to know however why the MTA choose to run the in Brooklyn and terminate it at Atlantic. Why don’t they just run the local from New Lots and run the a little less service. There were major delays tonight it seems. Why should Lexington ave riders suffer? I saw on some sites that trains got to Manhattan from Brooklyn more then 30 min late. It shouldn’t happen. There has to be a better way to handle this.some 4 trains took 20 min just to get from Utica to Franklin. There has to be Ah better way. Not fair to trap passengers between those stations for so long.
  20. Why did they have to suspend all service north of 86th st?
  21. For the and Manhattan bound is 10 for the and is 15 .was there today.
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