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  1. I’m just wondering why they can’t Run a shuttle and wrong rail it . They do that sometimes when there is a G.O no reason why they can’t do it now and have more passengers
  2. uspended Franklin Av S service is suspended in both directions while we investigate a mechanical problem on a train at Botanic Gardens. Please see a station agent to receive a courtesy pass for continuing subway or bus service. For alternate service, use B48 bus service. If that bus becomes crowded, also consider B43 bus service. Posted: 11/27/19 6:51 AM why can’t they run a shuttle on the other track ? Or even to Franklin if the track is clear? I asked this before anyone know?
  3. I thought they were removing timers? Maybe Nevins was one of those places?
  4. The has gotten better. 2 days ago 5:30 was straight in. However there was a that was ahead by Franklin. I have noticed though that it sits there less then it used too.
  5. I read today on a few sites that the union is planning a subway slowdown. Not a full strike but some workers might walk off. Anyone know how much service would be decreased?
  6. There is no Franklin Av service in either direction while NYPD completes an investigation at Franklin Av. For continued service, consider taking a B48 bus. I don’t understand why they can’t run an shuttle from Prospect park to Botanic Garden (or even park place if power is on there) and back. Is power off on The Whole shuttle Line? If not no excuse not to do it!
  7. They made a mistake in the 4 Timetable. According the the timetable the only stops at Atlantic evenings and late nights weekdays southbound.basically it would only stop there if it runs local. So the last departure from Brighton Beach will now be 8:59. One hour less B service.
  8. Actually what they could have done was maybe Run local via tunnel 4th ave local to 86 . express to 59th on express discharge run light to somewhere sea beach express track then turn around. How’s that?
  9. Southbound B trains were terminating at 9th Ave Bay Pkwy and Stillwell via west end. I think . What a disaster. Now they have to figure out how to not let this happen again!
  10. What I want to know is why was service suspended in both directions? A switch malfunction affects both directions? I was just thinking could they have turned some Q trains at a kings Hwy on the (N)?
  11. I was traveling on west end. Pretty major delays northbound from 9th Avenue to Barclays . 4th ave express was backed up from 36th to at least Atlantic. I got off at 36th for the (R) cause was suspicious would be big delay i was right ! We passed 3 express trains! Was crazy . Also i have a video of Some chaos at Barclays . Maybe I’ll post it later on .
  12. I think you meant northbound from 9th to Union that’s the best!
  13. Why don’t they cut the door out during rush hour also? Discharging a train rush hour sounds like a pretty bad idea!
  14. Election Day! Wow don’t remember it happening.
  15. Anyone know why the MTA suspended most work for today and tomorrow ? Just curious
  16. Is that Gov Cuomo? Did he really come to check it out?
  17. But the is a whole extra line. The is running either way .
  18. Prospect Park northbound on and usually isint so bad .
  19. It might be which train gets to the JUNCTION first but I’m not sure .What I am sure is that its very annoying waiting there . I’m always worried the will get a BIE there. If it’s me on the and a or goes BIE at least they can send the train to Utica.Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me yet
  20. Question: if a train has a door problem and cannot be overcome. Do they have to discharge the whole train or in some cases just the car that has the issue?
  21. Actually I take a sometimes at 8am. It’s improved. 3 out of 5 times in and out of Nostrand. Last week however I took a at 7PM out of Utica. It left a minute or so late cause conductor was late. That minute and a half late made us wait a good few min for a before Franklin.
  22. Does anyone know if tonight during the train suspension if trains were terminating at 238 then going into the yard then coming out? It looks like later on they sent trains to 238 .
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