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  1. Happy Birthday Gordon!

  2. Nice seeing you today on the ERA trip I was sitting across from you with the gray shirt! lol

  3. how was kings borough?

  4. I know why your name is twotimer! Crazy Story!

  5. What's with the drama. All you do is keep starting up old fires. I don't understand why you came out talking like that. I don't appreciate it at all.

  6. That's cool! I would use one as a Avatar!

  7. I like that profile picture you have of the train yards! +1 Dude!

  8. Oh I have you on facebook and youtube! PINE POWER

  9. and your only 13 -__-

  10. Saw you at Ft.Ham with your pet! you got into the last car of a Manhattan Bound N I was taking pictures of the work train

  11. well if you ever read my sig it says i am a TTMG media crew member.. And that picture is from a friend of mine also in TTMG and he said it was ok

  12. Who said that?

  13. 3612 and 3614

  14. LGA has 2 decaled buses!!

  15. Hey you Play World of Warcraft?

  16. I almost thought that 12-9 was you on the M foaming over a R160

  17. LMFAO!! You think that scared me??

  18. Can you stop foaming over nothing?

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