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Photos from today 11/17/07 with Q to Astoria, Siemens train, and R Express


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Here are the commuting pics from today, with Q train to Astoria, Siemens set, and R Express (well technically it's not an express since 1) it was on the Local track, and 2) it stopped at Woodhaven, but only at woodhaven)




2 train at Times Square



Q to Astoria



Q at Queensboro Plaza



Manhattan bound Q at Queensboro Plaza



The Super Siemens N train at Queensboro Plaza! (for those who haven't heard it in person...your missing out!)




7 at 61st



R at Woodhaven.


Videos of the Q train and the R Express coming as soon as Google is done with its "Processing"!


Anyway, about the R Express, i got on at Roosevelt, and then the conductor said they were behind schedule and the next stop is woodhaven. of course everyone was like HUH????. I think that they would have been better off without running express cause we were stuck at Roosevelt for like 5 minutes.


Also here are some Non-train related photos from today...




M22 bus on West Street



M22 again



Chambers Street at night



Guess the Location!!!



Again check back for Videos!

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