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GC's Fantasy map

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Nice fantasy map! I'm actually working on one too right now, and we share the same idea of swapping the (7) and (N) in Queens. I see that one thing you focused on in your map is for subway lines to stay on the same cross-street instead of switching over to different streets.

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Yeah I always believed the Flushing line should be served by the BMT and run B division equipment.

And Exactly, I never liked that the IRT has to go down 7th Av and that it should've run down the entire length of Broadway. Now in this map the 1 totally runs up and down Broadway especially in Lower Manhattan.

In the Bronx, yes it means the loss of the nice Whitlock curve on the 6, but at least now there's a way to transfer from the WPR line to the Pelham lines. And of course Pelham now having the East and Westside destination choices.

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I don't understand how the IND replaces the 1 line in the Bronx. Would it rise from the street at 207 street?


Why does the F head to Bay Ridge?


Is that a LRT along Utica Avenue?



-Runs past where the WTC bumper blocks are and proceeds strait down the street to replace the BMT going into Brooklyn. Plus what you remember about the BMT is that it ran down Broadway, but not so in my map. Otherwise it would be the 1 going into Brooklyn.

-More or less. Or BRT.


And I think you missed the point: It's a fantasy map where even geography doesn't have to be an issue. I'm surprised you didn't ask about the express track from 137th-168th.

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