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56K Railfanning 9/26/09


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Great shots. It must've been fun on the (N)(Q)(R) lines as well as the (A)(C)(E) and (L)


Yup, it was fun. (Not on the (Q) though. Only took that for 2 stops lol.)


great photos




Nice! You caught an R32 (A) and (R)! And even the first R160B car! BTW, the WTC (C) should be called the (K)! Lol...good stuff.



Thanks! Well, for the R32 (A), each time I go on the 8th Avenue line, this thing rolls in as the first train :)


Excellent pics! I saw that R32 (R) train out today too. I didn't know there was also an R42 running.


Thanks! There were multiple R42s running on the (R).


Slammin pics! Is that rollsign from the first R32 (C) pic from an R38?


Thanks! I think that's a roll sign from an R38.. I gotta scroll through an R38 roll sign when it makes the appearance in the NYCTM.


Excellent stuff!

And unless it's the angle, it seems they really do let the C terminate at the very southern end of the station.


Thanks! They let the (C) trains terminate where the (E) would normally terminate, so it is the very southern end of the station.


Good stuff



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