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Interesting Pics- "Photography is Not A Crime"


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  • 4 years later...

Appreciate the update Yuki. Its good to see that even PAPD officers patrolling the PATH and airports are in support of opposing these ridiculous bans on photography as we see here. Indeed, point blank it is unfair to be labeled terrorists and be harassed over a hobby which in this case is simply railfanning.


I had my share of harassment even on MTA property, despite the fact that it is legal, for railfanning photography.

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Lots of tourists who arrives at airport or PANY&NJ owned bus terminals don't know the photography policy.



I remember when I went to Boston with three Japanese guest on March 17, our MegaBus stop in rest area next to Greyhound Bus. At that tourist at that time, taking picture of everything including bus, when rude greyhound bus operator scream and cursed at me, "Hey, NO PIC1 Take pic of your DAWM BUS."

How I was suppose to know that Greyhound Bus prohibits photograph?



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Source: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/43730-irt-pelham-bay-line-christmas-eve-pm-rush-hours/

After I took these two pics @ 14th Street/Union Square on the (4)(5)(6) I was harrassed by cops which I discussed with others in the chatroom that night. Even after pulling out the mta rules of conduct as a reference to show them that posting pics were legal and that I was not commiting a civil offense. Under the pretense that I look like a terrorist by the fact that as a mixed Asian I have Iranian features because the police officers commented on 9/11 like I have anything to do with it.

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