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The Brooklyn Bridge

Brighton Local

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I LOVE the 5th picture.

And what's the no salt zone?


I agree that its where it will corrode the metal faster,but I'm sure the sign is there to tell people to watch there step since obviously ice will form and people will slip and fall.

If this does occur and they get hurt how the heck does 911 handle that? Umm sorry your gonna have to get up and walk towards us?

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You got to go your camera's settings, and then look for color effect and you should find Black & White or B&W.


i found the black and white, my camera has a few color features (it says standard color, vivid color, sepia, black and white, and cyanotype), i should try that out one day.

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Very nice photos, I have to do that one day. I did walk across the Queensboro bridge which was a nice experience (before the renovations). I'm not even sure if I have black and white on my camera. Does anybody know? I have an Olympus Stylus 720SW :D

You can look here. I don't anything about B&W.



But look through your settings and play around with them.

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