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MTH™ R40 - New York City Subway

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Set: R40 Slant [float=right]r40mth.jpg[/float]

Producer: MTH-Mikes Train House

Road Name: Metropolitan Transportation Authority - New York City Transit

Release Date: May / June 2008

Scale: O Gauge-MTH Premier Line

Route: (F)

North Terminal: Jamaica-179 St, Queens

South Terminal: Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, Brooklyn

Via: 6 Av Express


The R40 Slants were a thing of the future in New York City when they made their debut on the (F) Line on March 23, 1968. That sleek look with that 15 degree angle on one side; It was mind-boggling to New Yorkers.


MTH brings to life one of New York's most recognized subway cars ( Next to the Redbirds ), the R40 Slant. The set has sound and signage for the R40 Slants first route they ever ran on; the (F).


The R40 Subway set is colored with the light pink 70(F) and makes its way northbound from Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue to Jamaica-179 St, Queens via 6 Av Express. Since the models are equipped with the end of car pantograph gates, and lower door windows, I can assure you that the set is based from late 1968 and on. Remember, when the Slants were delivered, they had no end of car pantograph gates.


The set is extremely detailed with the end of car pantograph gates, crisp blue stripe, interior seating, passengers, and even straphanger handles!


The set comes in 4 cars with 1 powered car and 3 non-powered trailer cars.


A 2-car add-on set is available as well, to make a full 6-Car R40 (F) Train.


The station simulation goes as follows:


Coney Island - Stillwell Av: This is the last stop.


Kings Highway


Ditmas Av: Change here for Culver Shuttle Trains to 9 Av.


Jay St-Borough Hall


Delancy Street-Lower East Side: Change here for BMT (QJ) & 70(M) Broadway-Jamaica Trains.


West 4 St-Wash Sq / Greenwich Village: Change here for 70(A)70(AA)70(B)70(CC)70(D) & 70(E) Trains


Roosevelt Av/Jackson Heights: Change here for #70(7) Flushing Trains on the upper level. OR. Change here for 70(E) Express and 70(EE) & 70(GG) Local trains across the platform.


Union Turnpike: Transfer here for buses to JFK Airport.


179 St-Jamaica: This is the last stop.



Pros: End of Car Pantograph Gates, Interior seating, Passengers, Straphanger handles, End of Car chains to hook up the cars together as real married pairs, Crisp signage on the front of the car, and the side rollsigns, no openining doors ( much better that they don't open; no hassle with door mechanisms)


Cons: Couplers between the cars cause a huge gap between the cars making the set look inadequate, Front 70(F) sign does not light up, Plastic windows (can fall out easily if messed around with )End of Car chains to hook up the cars together as real married pairs can only be used if the modeler has extremely wide turns, because the chains were not made for tight turns; They will come out if used on tight turns.


This set goes in my top 4 because I'm an avid R40 Slant lover ( next to the R68/R68A Of course). The set performs well with that right transformer that can handle a 4-6 car train with no issues.


4 out of 5 stars


-Motorman in the first car


Car numbers in the 4 car set : 4360 (Power engine car), 4361, 4202, 4203 (Tail light car)


Car numbers in the 2-car add on set: 4210, 4211


Like on all the MTH Premier Subway sets, one can switch the light up 'Local/Express' signs back and forth to make it read what you choose.


*This set, and every MTH Set Since 2005 does not come equipped with (MTA)/(NYCT) Decals. I purchased my Transit decals at: IslandModelWorks.com*








**The announcements I must double check on how they sound before I move the information on here**


Pricing: I got my 4 car set for $439.99, and the 2-car add-on for $167.99.


One can find this set for a price of $430.00 to $459.00 for the 4 cars, and between $135.99 to $170.99 for the 2 car set.


Hope you enjoyed this review on the R40 Subway Set


Brighton Local



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Coool Review :cool:


I've been thinking about getting a set of these but I'm somewhat skeptical...

My Current Subway fleet consist of MTH R-32(D) R-17(Graffiti)(5) and white R-12/14(1)....and the were all delivered..."factory new"...with 1/2 their windows falling out...or fallen out.


I also have some decals with the (NYCT)(MTA) logos...but I don't know how to get them off the paper...my friend said something about them being waterbased...or decal setting solution. I was able to take a break from the subway market because the models that MTH and Lionel have recently released are out of the era I model...(late 1970's-now). I love how Lionel has an (MTA) licenese but insist on producing R-27/30 sets that don't have logos.


I seen the pre production models of the R-142's and lovvved them which means I'll probably get a set. I also like the R-40's alot too...but I don't want a set that has 1/2 its windows missing again. I haven't always been what you exactly call "crafty" meaning I have no idea...how to fix the window problem or apply logos to my current fleet:confused:.

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It would look a helluva lot better minus all that hardware on the operating end.These cars were butchered during GOH.They looked really retarded without the backlit advertisement boards,and the front storm doors on the later R40's & R42's had the smaller windows like on the R38;they were not in harmony with the rounded,long-window look of the cars.What a f___-up if I ever did see one !!Also,the R40 fan cars looked so out of place where the rounded top of the motorman's cab was visible like the R38's and earlier.

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