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Subway train hits, kills man in B'klyn


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Subway train hits, kills man in B'klyn


One man was killed and another was critically injured after they fell in front of a oncoming subway trains in separate accidents last night, police said.


A 21-year-old stumbled into the path of a Coney Island-bound train at the Seventh Ave. station of the (;)(Q) line in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, about 8:40 p.m. and was killed, police said.


"The guy tripped and fell down at the same time as the train was coming," a transit worker said.


40 minutes earlier, a man was struck by a westbound train at the Queens Plaza (E)(R)&(V) station in Long Island City.


The impact severed his arm, police said. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan in critical condition.


The victims' identities were not released.


From: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - February 21, 2008

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lets start my condolenses to the families of victims! And wish to everything else to BE CAREFUL.


Due to this fatal accident my way to home was altered yesterday's night. I was comming back from college to the home, and just when I stepped in to the Lawrence swtreet stationI 've heard the announcements about the passenger injury.


And here is some information about rerouting which happen due to this accident yesterday: B trains were running over the D line, and Q trains were running over the N line.


After I left an R train at Dekalb Avenue I was lucky to get in the R40 4163 car of a B line. I was ready to go anywhere anyhow, just to rich Coney Isalnd and get to the Sheppsehad bay from there. ... Passengers were hisitant they were jumping in and out of the train. THen we rode over the 4th avenue line. First there was an announcement that a train will go over the N line, then .... when a conductor announced once again, a motorman said "CORRECTION - over the D line"

....As of me, riding in R40 along the 4th avenue line and with B route designators, was a simply a time travel in the up to April 1997 era. Then, the train crew decided to make express stops only, and to discharge everyone at 62nd street, (West end Line)....


From there I took D to CI. And there, when we boarded a Northbound Q, we head that Q will continue over the N line.

Accross the platform comes and R40 designated as B, with 4410 and 4403? cars. And does not terminate at CI. It continues to run over the Brighton line to Kings Highway. And here I get to my Sheepshead Bay.


I guess, that just for people like me, this accident brought some adventures. Sure for everyone esle - nothing but inconvenience. So the best is to know that the platform edje is a life vs death border.

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