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The "Wet" "Pond" Bus Series


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The Bus part of the trip with the gang. Enjoy!


Fail at Fordham!






Fail in Queens



Haven't seen this in the while...0509001533.jpg




Double Pond!



The New Orion IIV NG Carts have arrived!


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Lol nice shots , the last 2 are cool , where did you get stickers from?

I know somone from the (MTA) who just retired B) but he has a bunch of this stuff in his house.

I like that (F)resh Pond Road operations Cart lol

But next time use this IMG_1299.jpg Fresh Pond approved :tup: IMG_1311.jpg


We will definitly replace the Orion Carts with those!:tup:

Sweet Sweet Sweet Wet lol


Awsome pixs! Great having ya! Tilllllll Next time!


Lol thanks bud:)

Nice stuff


Thanks! MTR

Cool pics!


Thanks NX Express!

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Nothing FP related gets approved until I say its approved




Ok I approve it :cool: nice pics


@KR put up a B26 sign and then I'll really approve :cool:

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