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Fanning from last week and Labor day(Today)


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Cool pics and vids!


Some of them are not that bad.


BTW, post pictures that came out good, not duplicates or blurry pictures.


Your camera kinda makes things a little hazy-ish


Thanks for all comments! You guys are awesome!

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ya, thanks for using my "^^ALL SHOTS CONTINUE ABOVE AND BELOW!^^" but making it sound likes it not mine.


Of course the pixs are not bad, but they seem blurry when zooming.


Thanks and don't worry , Soon I'll get a digital camrea that has 5x the sound and visual quailty! Just wait.

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To Fteainfan, I think you would know this (hence your name) when the (F) is making this express runs to Kings Hwy., do the reading still display Culver exp or the regular Culver Local?


It depends. Like if it's a skip stop (F) train , It would still say "Culver Local".

If it really runs express , then it should say "Culver Exp". That answer your question?

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