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(N) to/from 57 St


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No. The only N expresses in Manhattan should be those you listed as terminating at 57.



Shouldn't those four (N) trains that begin at 57 St (S/B) also run express unless they are put in on the local track? It would decrease the need for switching later on.


It would make sense to have any (N) or (Q) train not going to/from Queens run full express (including skipping 49 St) on Broadway.

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Are they doing this with the special (N)'s during rush hours due to the (N) and (Q) at Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard? Or is it supplemental rush hour express service on the (N)?


Too many trains at Astoria with both the (N) and (Q).


This is also done with the (Q) as well starting at 57 St (skipping 49 St)






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