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NJ.com tells Sen. Schumer to shove it.

Kamen Rider

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No, just Christie. The tunnel was cancelled because lard @ss Christie wanted to spend the money on roads and bridges, not rail projects.


Schumer isn't half bad at all when it comes to legislation, but he isn't the brightest tool in the shed either. Christie is just an ignorant jerk who has no spine, and can't even man up to his own actions. He's a follower, and he disgusts me!

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Actually, there are several reasons why those extensions were dead on arrival in any event.


In the first place, Penn Station already is operating at 110% of Planned Capacity.


Secondly, the MTA has plans to run in New Haven Line trains across the Hell Gate Bridge and into Penn from the East, and Hudson Line trains down the Hudson River line and into Penn Station from the West.


Finally, the LIRR intends to run trains from their East Side stop at Grand Central through Penn Station to the West Side Yard, and that route will only have two tracks that will branch off from the Mains that run under 33rd Street.


The only possible way to get extra service into Penn would be to sink two double bore tunnels in the hudson - one on each side of the existing Hudson tunnels - and a single double bore tunnel under the East River south of the existing four tubes, feeding into tracks 1 through 5. This would result in six tracks under each river, and the through routing of tracks 1 through 5. This would add capacity to the station as a whole, and get NJT through Penn Station and into Sunnyside Yard without tying up the higher number tracks and blocking Amtrak and the LIRR.

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