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17 Year old teenager murders his Parents in Flordia

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Original (Long) Title: Tyler Hadley (17) killed both his parents with a hammer before throwing a party with their corpses still in the house


A Florida teen bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer, stashed their bodies in a bedroom, then threw a wild party for dozens of friends, police said Monday.


Tyler Hadley, 17, is in police custody, charged on two first-degree murder counts.


Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols told reporters Monday that the teenage boy was denied bond.


Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Port St. Lucie Police Capt. Don Kryak said Hadley posted an invitation on Facebook, inviting friends to a party at his house.


Sometime after that, police said he used a 22-inch framing hammer to fatally beat his parents -- Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley -- in the head and torso outside their master bedroom door of their Port St. Lucie home.


He then dragged them inside the room and used "books, files, towels, anything that he could find inside the home to cover the bodies," Nichols said.


Then, the teenager proceeded to party.





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What a sad thing a boy would do to his parents. Is there any reason why he did this?


"I've known Mary-Jo since she was in high school in Fort Lauderdale," Charlene Moses, a family friend, told CNN-affiliate WPTV.


"They are a nice family. The kids are always nice."


Doesn't seem like that kid is nice.

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And now this kid will be getting bludgeoned by Bubba's hammer.

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