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Fresh out the paint shop!

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Great models. I'm gunna start a little bus fleet myself, a few RTS but mainly "Orion VIIs" and Orion Vs. I'm gunna have more NJ Transit RTS then MTA.


I still don't have any non-MTA/PBL buses. Soon I will be detailing my first 2 NJT buses. I just figured out how to do vertical tail lights and still make it look good.

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Do you have the NG Orion VII model? anyways :tup::tup::tup: shots!


Thing is, they don't have a shell that looks like it. Even those the models he uses are actually NABI buses, he does a hella good job making them into Orions like I did with mine. (Cept I own a SEPTA trying to make it look like a DE40).



I only own a SEPTA 'DE40LF' right now, but my O Scale layout is two levels representing Brooklyn and Matawan/South Amboy, NJ so the two different companies are necessary. I'm going to make some CNG tanks outta modeling putty for an Orion V so I can make a few MTA Bus Orion V CNG buses since I love the old private stuff. Maybe down the line I might make a Triboro or Command. My main focus though is to get a few of those NABI buses and turn then into 'Orion VII HEVs' from Spring Creek and ENY and 'C40LFs' from Gleason. I grew up in Canarsie so I'm modeling parts of Canarsie, Bushwick and Brownsville.


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